Stylist reveals the 10 items to clear out of your wardrobe before 2023

Is YOUR wardrobe making you look passé? Stylist reveals the 10 items to ditch before the end of 2022 – from skinny jeans to biker boots and gold jewellery

  • SilkFred Megan Watkins has shared the trends worth ditching in time for 2023 
  • The brand’s Head Stylist says low-rise jeans will be the all the rage next year 
  • Expert says leather belts and biker boots should be retired for foreseeable 

A pair of skinny jeans, a well-fitted blazer, a top notch leather belt – it’s safe to say that most fashion-conscious women have had all three of these style staples in their wardrobe at one point or another.

But with 2022 rapidly drawing to a close, fashion expert Megan Watkins says now is the perfect time to take stock of your clothing collection.

And those items you thought were absolute essentials? Well SilkFred’s Head Stylist says they might not serve you so well by next year’s style standards.

From outdated outwear to boring biker boots, here FEMAIL reveals the 10 items worth clearing out now if you want to stay ahead of the fashion game when in 2023. 

1. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans

Swap for: Mid-rise and low-rise wide-leg jeans 

The expert says skinny jeans no longer ‘serve the oversized, cool girl aesthetic’ that will continue into 2023. Fashion expert Megan Watkins recommends swapping skinny jeans for low-rise, boyfriend jeans to stay ahead of the fashion curve next year

Whether you’re relaxing round the house or dressing them up with heels, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of denim jeans – but the expert says that the skinnier styles are very much on their way out. 

Megan said: ‘Over the past few seasons, we’ve slowly seen the demise of high-waisted trouser silhouettes. 

‘In particular, high-waisted skinny jeans which do not serve the oversized, cool girl aesthetic which has taken precedence everywhere from catwalks to Instagram.’

The expert added: ‘There are plenty of other options beyond high-waisted skinny jeans. Choose either a mid-rise or low-rise waistline and a boyfriend or wide-leg fit to instantly bring your wardrobe into the current season.’

 2. Biker Boots

Swap for: Cowboy boots

Stylist Megan Watkins says biker boots now look ‘outdated’. Instead, the expert says cowboy boots are making a ‘comeback’ and are best worn with mini or maxi skirts for an ‘effortless’ look

Biker boots are a foolproof style if you want to add a touch of grunge to your outfit – however, the SilkFred stylist says that next season will all be about cowboy boots. 

Megan said: ‘Whilst biker boots have been reigning supreme the past few winters, their rock chick aesthetic isn’t cutting it anymore and now looks outdated.’  

‘Instead, go for knee-length cowboy boots in either leather or suede. 

‘These cool, Western boots are making a comeback this season and should be your new go-to boot which you can pair with mini skirts and oversized midi maxi dresses for an effortless look.’

3. Bomber Jacket

Swap for: Aviator jacket

Fashion expert Megan Watkins says it’s worth updating your bomber jacket for a ‘bolder look’. SilkFred’s head stylist said oversized aviators are the way to go 

As the weather turns colder, Megan says now is the time to invest in a new winter coat – and bombers just won’t suffice anymore.

The stylist said: ‘Aviator jackets are going to take off again this season. The rules are: don’t go understated.  

‘Bomber jackets might be your old faithful when it comes to lighter outerwear, but it’s time to switch this up for a cooler, bolder look.’ 

‘Choose an oversized biker jacket with a faux fur trim for a classic look that you can wear time and time again.’

 4. Gold Jewellery

Swap for: Mixed metal looks

Rings true! Fashion expert Megan Watkins says wearing different tones of jewellery is the way to go in 2023

It’s been drilled in to most fashion fans that you can only ever wear one shade of jewellery at any given time -but it seems like that rule is being retired in 2023. 

The expert said: ‘In recent years we’ve seen gold jewellery take top spot over silver jewellery, with everyone favouring gold, chunky hoops over dainty silver studs. But it seems all gold jewellery is becoming a thing of the past.’  

‘Look to mix up your jewellery metals instead by clashing silver with gold. This works nicely when stacking rings or layering different necklaces.’

 5. V-Neckline

Swap for: Cowl neck

The expert said you won’t see much of the classic V-neck next year. Instead, she recommended modernising your wardrobe with cowl-neck cuts

Tired of basic V-necks? Then now is the time to ‘modernise’ your wardrobe with cowl-neck cuts.

Megan continued: ‘Necklines come and go every single season, but the one which you really need to leave behind is the v-neck, which doesn’t float anymore when it comes to stylish silhouettes.’ 

‘If you want to move with the times, opt for a cowl neck which is a really flattering fit for cami tops and dresses.’

6. Faux-fur Coats

Swap for: Faux leather trench coats 

The stylist said aux fur coats are ‘now at the bottom of the coat pile’. Alexa Chung pictured wearing the style in Covent Garden on March 10, 2022. Instead, the expert recommended picking up a ‘bold’ patent leather trend. Naomi Campbell on the catwalk Tod’s show on September 23, 2022.

Faux fur coats may be snug in the colder months – but if you want to keep up with the stylish crowd on Instagram, then you better invest in a faux leather trench. 

Megan said: ‘What was once the must-have piece when it came to your winter wardrobe, faux fur coats are now at the bottom of the coat pile.’

‘Instead, opt for a luxurious faux leather trench coat which you can cinch in with a waist belt to add some shape to your outfit. If you’re looking for added drama, go bold with patent leather.’

 7. Tailored Blazers

Swap for: Waistcoats and oversized blazers

‘Baggier is better’ when it comes to blazers in 2023 – so the expert said it’s time to ditch fitted styles. Stylist Megan Watkins said power dressing is here to stay in the new year

A well-fitted blazer is the wardrobe staple that works in both the office and for a night out on the town – but according to this stylist, it’s time to give your tailored pieces an upgrade. 

Megan said: ‘If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from SS23 catwalks, it’s that baggier is better. So it’s time to leave your trusted tailored blazer behind.’ 

Describing how over-sized blazers should be the ‘new go-to’, the stylist added: ‘If you’re still looking for a more fitted look, invest in a good waist coat which still gives you that suited, power dressing vibe.’

 8. Strappy Sandal High Heels

Strappy heels have reigned supreme for the past few seasons – but stylist Megan Watkins says that’s all about to change

Make way for mules! Megan Watkins says these slip-ons provide a touch of ‘understated glam’ to any outfit

Strappy heels have been all the rage on Instagram over the past few years – but Megan says that 2023 will see mules return in a big way.

She continued: ‘When it comes to heels, nowadays the lower the better, so it’s time to rethink your collection of strappy sandal high-heels.’

‘Mule heels have become the party season shoe of choice, and bonus points if you choose to rock a kitten heel or sculptured heel. 

‘A pair of mule heels will give you the understated glam for an evening look.’

9. Cropped jumpers

Megan Watkins recommended swapping cropped jumpers for zip-down styles, which can be paired with mom-style jeans for a casual look

The cropped jumper trend has been a favourite with the fash pack for the past few years – but Megan says it’s now time for the half-zip jumper to shine. 

The stylist said: ‘It’s best to believe that cropped boxy hoodies and jumpers have had their day, that is unless you’re channelling Georgina Gio opting for a cut-out version.’ 

‘Your new knitwear of choice should be the half-zip jumper, which is ultra comfortable and easy to throw on with your favourite pair of mom-fit jeans.’

 10. Leather Belts

Swap for: Chain belts 

Megan Watkins claims leather belts are falling in popularity to ‘make way for something more modern’. The stylist says chain belts add ‘some drama’ to an outfit.

If you thought belts were only in your wardrobe to serve a purpose then think again – as Megan says they’re the perfect way of adding a bit of glam into an otherwise ordinary outfit. 

She said: ‘Whilst leather belts have been considered a classic for years, we’re going to see them wane in popularity to make way for something more modern…

‘The ever-popular grunge aesthetic will see the return of chain belts which will add some drama to your jeans and dresses.’

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