Spoilers: Elly's fresh fight, Sheila's new target and more in Neighbours

If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of claws being sharpened all the way from Ramsay Street. Battle lines are quietly being drawn and certain Neighbours should start worrying because fire is set to be unleashed. But when and how is yet to be seen.

Someone is set to arrive in town to add to the already deep-seated woes of poor Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta). While she’s been worrying about her freedom, she perhaps wasn’t worrying enough about baby Aster. Could she be about to lose her as well as everything else?

Sheila Canning’s (Colette Mann) grief is set to deepen when she learns some new info about Finn’s case that could change everything and will see her find a new target.

And Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) draws up a drastic plan to stay in town, but will it work?

Why is Claudia back?

The Kennedys are nervous for Claudia’s arrival – and rightly so. This woman has a murky past and hasn’t been a friend to Elly before. Now that she’s lost both her sons and all she has left is her granddaughter, Elly is definitely wary of what she wants, but she knows she can’t stop her seeing Aster. She’s surprised, however, when Claudia seems to accept her innocence over Finn’s death. Has she misjudged this woman? But when it becomes clear Claudia is overly interested in the facts of the case, it would seem she has some ulterior motives at work. What is she truly after?

Mackenzie’s plan to stay in Erinsborough

Unable to ask the Rebecchis for help, Mackenzie is forced to come up with a Plan B to stay in town. With her aunt leaving and no other guardian to care for her as the Rebecchis are preoccupied, she has no choice but to conjure up a lie. She and Roxy decide to tell her Aunt Trish that she’s living at number 22, while actually living alone in Trish’s apartment. Can they pull it off to keep Mackenzie from being sent away?

Sheila has a new target

Sheila’s heartbreak is palpable. The world just keeps on turning while she is still grieving for her son. It feels like no one else cares that Gary is dead. She asks Pierce and Chloe to fund a statue in his honour at the Complex but they’re not keen at all. Sheila is distraught, but when Chloe accidentally lets slip a vital new bit of information about Finn’s case, everything changes for Sheila. She has a new target, someone else to blame for Gary’s death, and she intends to make them pay…

Claudia wants Elly’s baby

Claudia is sharpening her claws and is ready to make her next move. She speaks to Mark Brennan and Sky Mangel who play right into her hands, she senses their dislike for one another and realises she can uses this. She meets with a lawyer and her plan becomes clear – to discredit the Kennedys as capable carers for Aster. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place for Claudia when it transpires that the lawyer has a fractious history with the Kennedys and is more than willing to help, so Claudia hires her on the spot. Who has Claudia got in her corner and what dirty tactics are they willing to play?

Scenes air Monday 13th and Friday 17th April on Channel 5.

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