Spoilers: Colby agrees to Bella revealing his murder secret in Home and Away

Bella (Courtney Miller) and Colby (Tim Franklin) have been butting heads over her attending counselling in the aftermath of her destructive attempt to keep a manipulative lie going by overdosing on random medication. Although Alex (Zoe Ventoura) managed to save her during the hospital siege with help from Mackenzie (Emily Weir), it becomes clear Bella needs professional help.

The first session Bella had with Patricia (Sharni McDermott) didn’t go well – although Bella lied and said it was fine, Patricia told Colby that his sister didn’t say much. While Colby begins to increasingly worry about how he’s going to afford homeschooling as well as counselling, he begins to be frustrated that she isn’t even trying.

He tries to work out why Bella won’t engage with the counsellor, and she becomes more and more infuriated as he continues to question her. Finally, when he won’t stop trying to get her to open up, she explodes in a fit of anger and explains that she’s worried she will say the wrong thing about Ross (Justin Rosniak).

The story most people know – apart from Colby, Bella, Willow (Sarah Roberts), Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) – is that Ross is missing. However, a select few know the truth – that Colby shot Ross after he kidnapped Bella, Chelsea and Willow. Managing to track down the car Ross drove them away in, Colby chased Ross through the bush where he ultimately met his death.

While Colby has come to terms with his guilt over committing murder and keeping it a secret – and Dean has dealt with the trauma of helping his friend bury someone and keep it under wraps – he recognises that Bella needs help above all else. So he tells her that if she needs to talk about what really happened to Ross, that’s what will happen…

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