Sonos IKEA picture frame review: brilliant speaker offers solution to smart home headaches

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While smart audio firm Sonos and flatpack furniture maestros IKEA might sound like chalk and cheese, these two companies have enjoyed an incredibly successful partnership. Under the SYMFONISK brand, the two firms have already launched a speaker designed to blend-in on your bookshelf as well as one hidden inside the base of a table lamp.

And now, with their latest collaboration, IKEA and Sonos have managed to sneak the smarts of a Wi-Fi speaker inside a picture frame. Yes, really.

As you might expect, the SYMFONISK version is a little chunkier than the average picture frame, however, it can still be affixed to the wall without issue. The clever design includes material to cushion the contact between the frame and your wall — so you won’t need to worry about any scuffing when hanging this tech-filled artwork.

SYMFONISK Picture Frame

The latest entry in the popular SYMFONISK range from Sonos and IKEA brings wireless sound to the walls in your house. You can swap the artwork in the frame as often as you like to freshen up the look and daisy-chain two of these together for surround sound.

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