Sister Wives' Christine Brown posts 'be adults and be kind' as her children's family feud rages on

SISTER Wives star Christine Brown has called on everyone to "be kind" and "be adults" as the US election results continue to come in – and her two children continue to feud.

Christine, 48, who is married to Kody Brown, took to Instagram to share a picture of her with a "I voted" sticker.

She captioned the snap: "Super important right we have to vote!

"Get out there and make your voice count! Also!! Things may or may not go your way today. Let’s be adults and BE KIND!"

The US election results have yet to be called as seven states – Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania – have not yet finished counting ballots.

As of Wednesday morning, Democratic nominee Joe Biden had received the most votes of any presidential candidate in history after breaking Barack Obama's 2008 record.

The Democrat has currently received 69,543,071 votes, which is more than Obama's total of 69,498,516.

The 2020 election is also set to have obtained the highest voter turnout to an election since 1908. This year, 65 percent of the eligible Americans voted.

President Trump has received a total of 66,480,527 votes so far – with 86 percent of the vote reported.

Neither candidate has reached 270 electoral college votes, the number needed to call a win.

Kody’s third wife Christine is now back in their home state of Arizona  after she flew to New Jersey for her daughter's Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery, which she successfully underwent earlier in October.

Christine is one of four wives Kody has, although he is only legalled married to one of the women, Robyn.

But their children are in the middle of a vicious feud, with Kody and Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn previously calling her brother Paedon a “racist” and “idiot”.

Gwendlyn, 18, is a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights and Black Lives Matter. 

Last week, Gwendlyn, who is bisexual, revealed she has been feuding with certain siblings when she tweeted: “That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible.”

A fan commented on the post: “Probs Paedon. He legit Insta messaged me once to let me know that black lives don’t matter.”

When a fan told Paedon on Instagram about Gwendlyn’s remarks, he responded: “😢 thanks. I will still protect her until my dying day.”

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