'Shang-Chi' Deleted Scene Reveals Wenwu's Involvement With 'Iron Man'

There’s no question that Tony Leung‘s stellar portrayal of Wenwu in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was one of the most compelling aspects of the Marvel flick, but it now turns out that his character is more responsible for the creation of the Avengers than anyone would’ve imagined.

As reported by Comicbook, a deleted scene from the recent movie showed Wenwu shortly after his wife Ying Li’s death, when he discussed his involvement with the Ten Rings division in Afghanistan and his meeting with Raza, the villain responsible for kidnapping Tony Stark during his trip to the Middle East. While Wenwu himself doesn’t specify if he was behind the kidnapping, he was nonetheless responsible for the terrorist group’s disruptive efforts in the region, which ultimately led to Tony Stark transforming himself into the now legendary Iron Man.

Unfortunately for Wenwu, Leung’s character met his demise at the end of Shang-Chi, but fans have been very vocal about bringing him back into the MCU. With the whole new multiverse to play with, perhaps Marvel fans can still have some hope that Leung’s redemption arc can continue alongside his son and the Avengers.

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