Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Responds To Comment On His Forgotten Film ‘Paper Man’

Ryan Reynolds has a quip for just about everything, and a journalist’s inquiry about one of the actor’s forgotten films was no exception on Wednesday.

Lifewire editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff wrote on Twitter that he randomly chose “Paper Man” on a streaming service.

The indie included Reynolds as Captain Excellent, the Superman-like imaginary friend of an author (Jeff Daniels) with writer’s block. The comedy/drama opened the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2009 and later got a critical bruising. It made a grand total of $13,514 after opening in three theaters, according to Box Office Mojo.

So after viewing the movie that a San Francisco Chronicle reviewer called “a whole lot of nothing,” Ulanoff reached out to Reynolds on Twitter: “I have so many questions for @VancityReynolds.” 

 And Reynolds wrote back: “I have zero answers.”

“I would expect no less,” replied Ulanoff, who later called the movie “oddly affecting (emphasis on ‘oddly’).”

Reynolds, a social media king before the coronavirus pandemic, continues to rule in these dark times as well.

Here’s a trailer for the film, which also starred Emma Stone and Lisa Kudrow.


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