Richardson's Latest Capsule Memorializes the Ever-Delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Richardson‘s ode to Japan continues, following an exclusive drop at its Tokyo store that opened last year with a selection of goods that honor the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The brief lineup encompasses a T-shirt, hoodie and headband, all laden with thematic imagery and text.

Along with the usual Richardson logos, there’s a smattering of verbiage that directly references the controversial games, even including the Kanji characters for “Tokyo” and some other Japanese script to reiterate the motif. Richardson’s “R” branding also appears inside some circles that borrow the colors of the Olympic rings, realized as 3D patches atop the fluffy headband. The T-shirt and hoodie also give prominent placement to a tanuki character directly inspired by Japanese folklore, complete with sake and exaggerated physical proportions.

Despite the strain on the participating athletes and Japanese people, the executives behind the event have decided to push forward with the event, albeit without any foreign spectators. There’s to be a variety of digital tie-ins but the upcoming summer games in Tokyo will surely be one of the most conflicted Olympics in recent history, to say the least.

All of the 2020 Olympic items are available on Richardson’s website, while the Olympic games are currently scheduled to be held from July 23 to August 8.

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Richardson most recently began prepping for summer with afunction-driven capsule collection.
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