‘RHONY’ Preview: Heather Thomson Gets ‘Banished’ To Ramona’s Basement — Watch

After Heather Thomson gets caught talking smack about the ‘RHONY’ cast, she’s sent to the ‘lower level’ of Ramona’s house in the Hamptons.

Heather Thomson finally makes her high-anticipated return to The Real Housewives of New York City this week, and we have an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the May 25 episode. More specifically, the 90-second clip shows Heather arriving at Ramona Singer‘s home in the Hamptons, during which she’s almost immediately “banished” to the “lower level”. Holla!

As you can see in the preview above, the ladies are busy getting ready for some sort of Aubrey Hepburn-themed dinner party, when Ramona comes down the stairs and thanks her hospitality staff for remembering to light her candles. The rest of the ladies are then seen getting ready before Heather walks in the front door.

Sonja, who also comes down the stairs shortly after Ramona, is the first to greet her former co-star. “Welcome, darling,” she says before announcing that she’s in need of some bobby pins. Fortunately for her, Heather says she brought some, so she offers to give Sonja some in return for Sonja helping her do her own hair. “You’re the queen of updos,” Heather tells Sonja, but Sonja doesn’t seem excited about helping Heather.

In her private confessional, Sonja says, “I know Heather has a history of talking about me on her podcast and it’s not in a good light. The last thing I’m going to do is help her do her hair right now. Next, she’ll want me to carry her luggage.”

But before Sonja even gets a chance to answer Heather, Ramona barges in and offers to show Heather where she’ll be staying. And guess what? It’s in the “lower level” — the very same spot Ramona sent Luann de Lesseps last season, which also caused a huge uproar.

While Heather initially tells Ramona she “loves it” down in the basement, she says otherwise in her private confessional. “You know, I walked in and I felt it was a bit cold as ice and now I’m being kind of banished down to the dungeon! But really, that’s okay with me because I like a little separation,” she says while laughing.

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