Reese Witherspoon Invites Viewers to Shine On At Home with New Instagram Series

As the general public continues to practice social distancing in an effort to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, celebrities are doing their part as well.

Reese Witherspoon decided to take some of the extra time she's had as of late while staying at home to set up an offshoot of her Netflix series Shine On With Reese. It's called Shine On At Home, and it's an online talk show meant to help impart tips from experts about a variety of topics, from parenting advice to financial information. 

"I’ve been thinking about ways I can give back at this time," Witherspoon said of her new initiative in a brief clip on Instagram. "A couple of years ago I did this show called Shine On With Reese. It was on Netflix. It’s actually still on Netflix and it’s really good. I talked to experts in different fields that really inspire me." 

"So as I was talking to different people I thought ‘what if I share some conversations that I’m having right now about how to deal with this time and share them with you guys," Witherspoon continued.

"I’m talking to parenting experts. I’m talking to marriage counselors. People who counsel me about personal finances. People who just teach me fun, inspiring meals. I thought I would share some of these conversations with you guys and I hope you find them useful and maybe thought-provoking, or helpful."

The first episode finds Witherspoon speaking with author Eve Rodsky, who discusses a variety of topics with the actress, including how to divide up important household tasks with your significant other and family. 

"I’ve learned so much from Eve about how to have conversations with your partner about dividing household duties, how to adjust to homeschooling (three kids at home and two working parents is NO JOKE!) and what the 'Dirty Dozen' bare minimum needs of every household are."

Witherspoon is taking some pretty important knowledge here and passing it on. If it strikes your fancy, the first episode is already available to watch – hopefully it helps making this period where we're all at home a bit more bearable. Divvying up chores is always a good idea. 

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