Rare KAWS 'UNTITLED (STORMTROOPERS)' Hits Phillips Auction Block

A rare 2000 KAWS painting has resurfaced onto the auction block. UNTITLED (STORMTROOPERS) is an early seminal work of the famed contemporary artist, featuring some of his most recognizable techniques. The piece is part of a larger auction hosted by Phillips for their 20th Century & Contemporary Art & Design sale.

Since the late 1990s, KAWS reimagined iconic characters from pop culture, especially that of the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars franchise. He often adds his own witty amalgamations, transforming classic figures on canvas, sculptures and toys. His mashups have soon formed the basis of his artistic style and a hallmark in modern-day art.

UNTITLED (STORMTROOPERS) sees KAWS cover one of the Stormtrooper’s face with the artist’s distinctive, skull and crossed bones cartoon-like mas. The other two Stormtroopers are portrayed wrapped in the embrace of a coiled snake-like creature, adorning an interpreted version of KAWS’ signature mask. The piece draws inspiration of Andy Warhol‘s Do-It-Yourself series of half-completed and handmade canvases. KAWS combines mixed media and brash imagery to playfully re-envision his trademark aesthetic.

The piece arrives at Phillips as an important early piece for the multi-layered artist. KAWS has undeniably been one of the most important artists in the world today and is currently honored at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

UNTITLED (STORMTROOPERS) goes on sale on June 7. The work is expected to go for upwards of $205,000 USD. Those looking to place a bid can visit Phillips.

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