Rachel Dunn shares her pride at working for the NHS

Rachel Dunn, Wasps netballer and genetic technologist at St George’s Trust in Tooting, has shared the pride that she feels working for the NHS.

The world-renowned shooter is one of the country’s most-loved netballers, highlighted by the crowd in Liverpool chanting her name during the final moments England’s bronze medal-winning match at last year’s World Cup.

She has just completed her 15th Vitality Netball Superleague pre-season campaign but has now shifted the balance of her life further towards her day job within the NHS.

“Working for the NHS, I’m proud,” Dunn said to Sky Sports News following the ‘Clap for our carers’ on Thursday.

“It’s currently business as usual. At St George’s they’re looking at going through a temporary restructure to help deal with the coronavirus.

“They’re looking at all of the services, which ones are urgent and which ones are not urgent.

“Part of my role in genetics will remain as a consistent service and the other half they’re potentially scaling down, so we’re just awaiting news on where staff might be redeployed temporarily. “

On a netball court, Dunn’s dedication to her craft as a shooter and a member of Wasps Netball is second to none. Prior to the season being postponed, she had put up more goals than any other player and as you expect, she has the same dedication for her role within the NHS.

“There is uncertainty out there but that’s across the board in any form of employment at the moment,” the 37-year-old said.

“I think as a workforce we’re just ready and willing to help wherever needed, some people might be redeployed, and the structure of peoples’ days might change.

“In terms of the staff and my colleagues, we’re just trying to help in whatever way we can to try and support St George’s Trust at the moment in the bigger fight against what’s happening now.”

South West London doing its part! Great moment. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻#clapforourcarers pic.twitter.com/2eykPao67U

Dunn has been heartened by the response of the country to the government’s call for individuals for volunteers to assist the NHS.

“I saw that half a million people have signed up [as of Wednesday] to help those that are more vulnerable.

“That put a smile to my face seeing that as a nation, everyone is getting behind it and just doing what they can.

“In tough times, everyone gets together, pulls together, does what they can and it’s really great to see.”

With the other part of her life, Superleague netball, being postponed until at least April 31, Dunn and Wasps are keeping in touch together like so many via the mediums of FaceTime, WhatsApp and ZOOM.

“No one knows how long this is going to last for, if seasons will start again and that’s the same across all sporting disciplines at the moment,” she said.

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