Priest says The Exorcists true as victims levitate and projectile vomit

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    A priest claims the iconic horror film The Exorcist is completely true – having experienced people "levitating" with his own eyes.

    Father Carlos Martins also claimed the marksman-like aim of projectile-vomiting people possessed by demons is a regular occurrence.

    Father Martins went on to recall a particularly disgusting possession he was part of, where a demon forced its victim to eat human faeces from a toilet bowl.

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    Speaking of his experiences, he told Ryan Bethea: "What Hollywood portrayed in the movie The Exorcist, levitations, vomiting, spitting at the priest with uncanny marksmanship, all of that has not been a movie for me. I have seen that first hand."

    The Catholic priest confirmed everything in The Exorcist, aside from the spinning head of possessed child Regan MacNeil, had been something he himself had experienced.

    Speaking to Risen Magazine, he said: "There would be a death of the individual, but everything else, including the levitation, does occur."

    It is not just the levitations and vomiting that makes for a chilling experience though, and Father Martins confirmed other disgusting details he had seen.

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    One such detail was the grim acts a demon had carried out in making its victim, who was in a "state of torture", eat human faeces.

    Father Martins, speaking to Capturing Christianity, said: "The demon could at any point leave and the individual finds himself doing something abhorrent like eating human faeces out of a toilet bowl. The state of possession is a state of torture to the victim.

    "Most demons I encounter, when the possession happens, their eyes roll into the back of their head. I have two white eyes, staring at me, no pupils."

    The Daily Star had previously reported a chilling exorcism, where a priest saw a "possessed" nun crawl up a wall and "overpower six men".

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