Peter Andre and wife Emily give us a tour of their lavish Surrey home complete with cinema room and hot tub

Singer Peter Andre has been spending an increasing amount of time at his home in Surrey, homeschooling his children while his amazing wife Emily joins the NHS fight against the coronavirus.

Weeks before lockdown, the couple opened the doors to their plush family home which they share with their children Amelia, six, and Theo, three, as well as Princess, 12, and Junior 14 – Peter’s kids from his previous marriage to Katie Price.

The Mysterious Girl singer, 47, and his 30 year old wife Emily, whom Peter has shared his pride over for all her incredible work on the frontline, live in a stunning family home.

The Surrey abode is complete with spacious rooms and gorgeous personal touches around the house, including a clock with the words “The Andre Family” written on it and gorgeous black-and-white photos of the couple’s wedding day.

As Peter gives us a tour of the stunning pad, he exclusively reveals to OK! magazine his five favourite things around his house.

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Peter confesses his number one favourite thing in his home is his coffee machine, which is situated in his and Emily’s large, white kitchen.

He explains: “Absolutely love it, can’t live without coffee. My life does not start without coffee, anyone that knows me knows that. Coffee is the most important part of the day.”

The high-tech coffee machine just so happens to be situated in Peter’s second favourite part of the house, the kitchen.

The large cooking area is made up of white cupboards and a modern, dark worktop.

The space also has an island in the middle and is given a homely touch with a large white plant on the window sill.

Dad-of-four Peter describes the kitchen area as “the hub of the house” and tells us: “I spend so much time here cooking.

“It’s great because it’s got the island in the middle so all the kids are running around, I can see what’s going on and I can cook at the same time.”

Peter sweetly reveals cooking meals for his family is his “favourite part of the day”.

Not only is the singer a passionate cook, but an avid fan of relaxing in his large cinema room with his family, too.

Peter then takes us into the “cosy” room which is filled with two large velvet dark grey sofas and the walls are elegantly painted in a dark grey colour, which contrasts with the white ceiling.

The large room with cream carpets has a real homely feel as it is filled with finishing touches to give personality to the space including guitars hanging on the walls, a cosy fire place with a mirror hanging above it and large, framed, black-and-white photos of each of the four children.

Peter then explains: “It’s cosy, it’s cool and you can watch all the movies that you like so I love it.”

Describing a typical family evening in the cinema room he says: “We chill in here, it gets quite dark in here at night, we put the fire on over there, we’ve got the big cinema screen up there that comes down when we need it to.”

He then points to a computer sitting on a desk, next to a microphone, which is tucked away in the corner of the room. He says: “I’ve got my studio over there where I do a lot of recording. So it’s kind of a media room – love it, one of my favourite rooms in the house.”

Another of his favourite rooms in the Surrey home is his and Emily’s bedroom and it’s easy to see why.

The luxurious spaced is filled with textures from the large, cream, crushed velvet bed – which has a TV stored inside the footwell that pops up on demand – to the mirrors around placed either side.

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The walls are painted a dark beige colour, which matches with the bed and the modern, square lamps placed on the bedside tables either side of the comfy sleeping area.

Peter hails the large bed as the “most comfortable bed ever” and says: “I can’t think of anywhere more relaxing than the bedroom.”

His fifth and final favourite place in their stunning family home is the barbecue area.

The outside space is placed under a shelter, meaning you don’t have to wait for a heatwave to put the barbie on.

The barbecue zone also has a bar area with three light grey weaved bar stool chairs and placed either side of the decked out garden space sits two medium trees.

As Peter shows off the large Weber barbecue, he tells us: “Love my barbecue area, love cooking barbies. But, also it’s a cool little vibe to be outdoors, have the music playing, making food.”

And it’s just as well the space is sheltered as Peter admits he spends “so much time” there in both winter and summer.

Peter then points out another feature in the space, as placed next to the barbie zone is a Jacuzzi hot tub. He says: “We’ve got the hot tub there. This is a really good area, the kids love it, I love it.”

Peter and Emily's house tour video is shot by Luke Smith.

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