People are only just realising cool pattern on coins – and theyre gobsmacked

Some people don't pay enough attention to their money.

And no – we're not talking about how you spend it.

It turns out certain coins have a lot more to them than initially meets the eye.

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Thousands of people have been talking about some pretty cool coins since someone drew attention to the topic on Reddit.

The social media user wrote: "Did you know that UK coins make a shield when put together?"

It was shared alongside a picture of all the coins together, and it looks pretty cool.

Since the picture was shared many people have been talking about it, and the responses are mixed.

While some knew about the collection, others seemed totally flabbergasted.

One person replied: "My mum showed me this like years ago, I remember her literally coming into my room at like 11pm because she found it that cool."

Another said: "Very cool."

A third wrote: "I am absolutely gobsmacked!! I was today years old when I found this out LOL pretty cool I must say."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Oh wow I had no idea and I've lived in the UK my whole life."

According to The Royal Mint, it all came about following a competition.

Years ago it asked people to submit designs for the six coins that could stand alone or work as a set.

Lots of people entered, and the designs had to symbolise Britain while also being contemporary.

The winning set was designed by Matthew Dent, and he entered after seeing an advertisement in a newspaper.

He said he thought up various ideas before he settled on a heraldic set.

"I felt that the solution to The Royal Mint’s brief lay in a united design," he told The Royal Mint.

"United in terms of theme, execution and coverage over the surface of the coins."

After exploring different ideas, he thought the six coins could form a shield when arranged horizontally and vertically – and the idea worked.

He added: "This piecing together of the elements of the Royal Arms to form one design had a satisfying symbolism – of uniting the four countries of Britain under a single monarch."

As the committee talked about Matthew’s designs, they felt it needed one more piece to bring the set together.

This led to the £1 coin forming a part of the new designs.

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