Netflix Removes Unnamed Producer From UK Original Over Past Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Netflix has removed an unnamed producer from a UK original after it was made aware of historical sexual misconduct allegations against the individual.

In a statement, the streamer said: “On Monday, we received an anonymous email containing historical allegations about a producer on one of our titles. Whilst the allegations are unrelated to his time on the show, we immediately removed him from the production and referred the matter to the police.”

UK trade Broadcast first reported the story and said it knew the identity of the man, but declined to name him. Broadcast said the anonymous email sent to Netflix contained “very serious” allegations from at least six people, though the claims do not relate to the show currently in production or any previous Netflix originals.

The man in question has also been suspended by his agent and had his BAFTA membership removed, according to Broadcast. His agent is currently investigating the matter. A lawyer representing the individual told Broadcast: “He has never acted inappropriately on any production, or at all, and has never had any complaints made about his conduct.”

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