NBC Wuhan Correspondent Janis Mackey Reunites with Son After 49 Days in Quarantine

After a long 49 days in quarantine, NBC News foreign correspondent Janis Mackey Frayer finally reunited with her son and husband. The mother of one, who was on the frontlines of this pandemic war, was covering the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Between work travel and 14 days in quarantine, she hasn’t seen her family face-to-face in a month and a half. 

On Wednesday, Frayer shared an emotional video on Twitter that will make you tear up. In the clip, she and her son (who are both wearing face masks) run to each other for a long-awaited embrace.  

“With work travel, restrictions and quarantine in #China, our family was apart for 49 days,” the Canadian journalist captioned the video filmed by her photojournalist husband. “And yes, every one of them was hard — the worry, the decisions, the failed plans, isolation. Our little guy has been brave and resilient… and this was easily the best. hug. Ever.”

In the sweet video, you can see Mackey Frayer’s son wearing a spaceship helmet and mask while jumping up and down as his mom approaches. Her son made an adorable drawing while she was away that hangs on their Beijing apartment door, where they’re based. While this superhero mom self-isolated for two weeks, her son and husband relocated to temporary housing. 

Once her quarantine was up officially up on March 31st, Mackey Frayer didn’t waste any more precious time. Now that the Frayer family has reunited, they deserve to every second together. 

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