Naomi Ackie On 'Master Of None' Centering Black Queer Women This Season

Say what you will about the type of characters Lena Waithe creates, there’s no denying the screenwriter, actor, and producer has greatly expanded narratives around LGBTQIA-identifying individuals and audiences will see that extensively in season 3 of Master of None.

When the series returns to Netflix on May 23, Denise and her wife Alicia will be the center of the narrative, offering audiences a voyeuristic-like view inside their marriage that is both unique in terms of representation and universal when it comes to the themes explored. For Naomi Ackie, stepping into the part of Alicia was “such a treat,” she says. “Sometimes it doesn’t feel like that when you’re filming because you’re like, ‘Ooh I’ve got to cry three times today,’ she adds laughing. “It was intense, but intensity isn’t always bad.”

That’s especially true when you look at the larger impact of the story which also touches on how our relationships with friends change as we garner success and settle into life with our partners. Pointing out the universality of those experiences within the context of Denise and Alicia’s marriage, Ackie notes, “At the end of the day, we’ve got two Black queer women as the focus and that feels just amazing to be a part of. Even as a person who’s watching it, it’s like, yes, we need more of this, please.”

Check out our full interview with Naomi Ackie in the video above. Season 3 of Master of None begins streaming on Netflix May 23.

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