My pet budgie died of shock after a noisy firework went off outside

My pet budgie died of shock after a noisy firework went off outside – they should be banned

  • A woman from Wales has been left distraught after the death of her budgie 
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A heartbroken budgie owner is calling for a noisy firework ban after her pet bird dropped dead on her shoulder – just seconds after a loud bang.

Pamela Dungey, 53, from Vale of Glamorgan, had a two-year-old budgie called Mr Tom, who was lovingly perched on her shoulder when an ‘almighty bang’ went off outside her home.

The little bird had been pecking his owner’s cheek – but suddenly fell from Pamela’s shoulder in shock at the seaside property.

Pamela tried to carry out CPR on her beloved budgie, but he could not be saved.

She said: ‘One minute he was having a fuss on my shoulder, and he was pecking my cheek and next this almighty bang exploded outside, and he just fell. I caught him in my hand. I was in total shock. I tried to do CPR, but he’d gone.

Pamela Dungey (pictured) has been left heartbroken following the death of her two-year-old Budgie Mr Tom (pictured), who passed away after seconds after a loud bang from fireworks 

‘There was no warning. I just held him and cried. And then got really angry and I’m still angry. I’m distraught.

‘It is senseless that an animal’s life has been cut so short for someone to have had two minutes of fun.’

Pamela, who lives next to The Knap beach in the Vale of Glamorgan, saidthe location means fireworks are repeatedly set off near to her home.

She said: ‘Saturday was like a bomb had gone off. They let it off at the beach and it was so big. It exploded right outside my house.

‘People need to know what can happen to our animals when you set off these fireworks, which seem to get louder every year.

‘I’m not against fireworks in their entirety, but what I am against is individual people buying fireworks and setting them off themselves with no care for others.

‘They should either be quiet fireworks, or they should be confined to community displays and events which are properly run with care of animals in mind.’

She is now calling for a ban on shops selling fireworks unless they are low-noise explosives.

The little budgie had been pecking Pamela’s cheek – but suddenly fell from her shoulder in shock at the seaside property in Wales 

Pamela said that Mr Tom was her ‘best friend’ and ‘meant everything’ to her given their ‘incredible bond’

Pamela said: ‘A lot of teens come to The Knap, and this happens often, by the way, not just around bonfire night.

‘It’s not like when I was a child where it was one night of the year, now it goes on for days. It’s so unfair.’

Pamela, who is disabled, said Mr Tom ‘meant everything’ to her and was her ‘best friend’.

She added: ‘Mr Tom and I had an incredible bond. He gave me as much love as I gave him. I’m housebound, I’m disabled and now I’m alone.

Pamela, who is disabled, had figured a comfortable routine with Mr Tom, and they both woke up at five each morning 

Following Mr Tom’s death, Pamela has been left in a ‘terrible’ state, and she is ‘terrified’ to get another budgie because the same event will come around again next year 

The 53-year-old has called for a ban on loud fireworks, and argues that an animal should not have to pay the price of ‘someone else having two minutes of fun’ 

‘We had a routine every day. Every morning we’d wake up at 5am and I’d have to get up and pretend to go and open the front door with him.

‘I woke up this morning at 5am and he wasn’t there. Some people might think that’s not the end of the world, but to me he was as important as any other pet. Everyone who knows me knows Mr Tom.

‘I can’t just go and get another budgie. I’m terrified to get another budgie now, because of what happens next year. I don’t want to put myself through this again.

‘I’ve been in a terrible state. Mr Tom has paid the price of someone else having two minutes of fun. It’s not fair.’

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