Mum shamed for leaving kids with husband for girls trip – but hits back

Fitness influencer Ashy Bines blasted cruel trolls who slammed her for leaving her baby while she went on a ‘girls’ weekend away.

The 33-year-old mum of two – who has a three-month-old daughter, Tala and seven-year-old son, Taj – went away with friends while husband and dad Steve looked after the little ones.

The 48-hour mini-break was the longest Ashy had spent away from the kids since giving birth but people were furious about it.

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While she made effort to “enjoy other parts” of her life, she was spammed with hateful and judgemental messages and comments.

One of the messages read: “How COULD you leave your baby with Steve for that long? That’s so wrong."

Posting on Instagram, the fitness guru said: “I think it’s wrong for other women to think it’s wrong, to send such a message and also why would I have children with someone I don’t trust? Wrong to leave my kids with their dad?

“If a dad went away for 48 hours he’s never even questioned? Steve is way more than capable, he is such a great dad, he’s hands-on, and he’s so fun. The kids were absolutely fine.”

Speaking to, Ashy said: “I want to create awareness for mummas, and remind other mums it’s ok for you to have a life and enjoy other parts of your life not just mum life or just need a break.

“I know judgment has come flying my way leaving her for 48 hours BUT hear me out,” she explained.

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“I LOVE my baby but also LOVE my friends. I LOVE my baby but also love travel and variety. I LOVE my baby but also love doing fun things just for me.

“I LOVE my baby and fully trust and love Steve having his bonding time with the kids and can enjoy myself knowing they are happy and safe.”

The mum's post quickly gained attention, gaining thousands of likes and endless streams of comments of support and praise.

“It’s amazing – filling your own cup makes you a better mum, wife, friend and person. And, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Enjoy your time away,” one mum wrote.

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Another said: “How dare you trust your own husband and leave your daughter with her own father. People are crazy or jealous. Enjoy your time.”

While one added: “How dare you leave your baby with the father, your husband for a quick little trip. The audacity of people to even comment on that.

"You’re right, no one questions the father when he goes away for 48 hours. You’re an amazing .um and you deserve a quick getaway.”


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