Mortified teacher ‘has to move’ after student’s parent sees her totally naked

A teacher was horrified when a student’s parent recognised her as she was completely naked giving birth.

Melissa Bechtold shared the mortifying story on her TikTok,, in a video which has since been seen more than 235,000 times.

“As a teacher, there are a lot of embarrassing places where you can run into students or their parents,” she explains.

“You don’t want to see them at a bar, or if they’re shopping for laundry or generally buying alcohol but I think I topped them all when my student’s mum was in the operating room for my C-section.”

Instead of just ignoring the awkward encounter, the parent decided to pipe up.

“I was 100% naked, she recognized my name,” Melissa continued. “[She said] ‘Oh, you have my son in your math class’.

“Oh great, now I have to move.”

Hundreds of teachers have since flooded the comments section with their own stories of where they have accidentally bumped into their students’ parents.

One asked: “How about your waxer!? Haha.”

“I was a teaching assistant and my oversharing teacher told me she ran into a kids’ parents at a nudist party,” another commented.

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A third went one step further, saying: “A student’s mum was my nurse during my colonoscopy. Another mum is my doctor, another mum is my children’s doctor. Small town.”

And a fourth joked: “I saw my kids’ teacher buying wine. I bought four more bottles and ran them to her.”

It comes after an OnlyFans star revealed her ex-teacher paid to see her X-rated snaps.

Richelle Knupper said her old secondary school teacher even messaged her saying he “always knew I was something special”.

Her TikTok video explaining the rather awkward encounter has, unsurprisingly, gone viral.

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