Model insists she’s not ‘using unborn baby’ after sharing bump pics on OnlyFans

An OnlyFans model isn’t letting pregnancy get in the way of her saucy career.

In fact, Marissa Frost plans to use her bump to make money from fetishists online.

The 30-year-old, from Vancouver, Canada, hopes sharing snaps of her growing belly will help her to attract more followers.

She revealed: "I feel so beautiful and I want to share my body as I grow our baby.

“I know a lot of guys are really into women’s blooming pregnancy bodies and so I hope to make more money now I’ve announced I’m expecting.

“I can see why people may say: ‘How can you use your unborn baby this way?' but for me it's not about our child, it's all about my body and how it looks.”

Marissa, who is five months pregnant, added: “I want to keep some things private, like the gender and my exact due date. But as my body changes, I want to share my excitement and happiness.”

The glam model is having the baby with a man she met while performing online – and he is said to be “super supportive” of her OnlyFans career.

Her partner, who has been identified as DJ for privacy reasons, even helps her to come up with racy content.

Marissa said: “DJ has always given me a male fan’s perspective when I’m coming up with ideas for my modelling poses and for different themes and parties.

“He says I can share my pregnancy however I want, he is leaving it up to me.”

DJ added: "When I met Marissa, I developed real feelings for her – but it was only when my marriage later ended that I tried reaching out to her.

"I could never get her out of my head. I ended up being lucky to find out that she was single as well.

"Not long after we got in touch I ended up moving halfway across the country [to be with her] and I haven’t left since.

"Supporting her with her job was difficult at first – because she works so much.

"It’s very difficult to see when someone is working hard on a cell phone, and not just chatting with their girlfriends all the time.

"One thing that I have learned over the years with her is that if she has an idea of what content she is going to make, anytime she thinks I might be uncomfortable with something she will ask before doing it.

“I can't wait for us to be a family.”

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Marissa’s career has proven to be very lucrative as she makes around $20,000 (£14,000) a month on OnlyFans.

The influencer also shares snippets of her life online with the followers on her @marissafrostx Instagram page.

She has been very open about suffering two miscarriages in the past so couldn’t wait to share the baby news with her followers.

Marissa said: “I’m a really open and honest person. I like sharing my life and I feel like it is an amazing thing that I was able to have three pregnancies in a year and a half.

"My intuition told me that this time was going to work out.”

The model doesn’t plan to take maternity leave and hopes to continue shooting sexy snaps after her baby is born.

She said: “I don’t know if I’ll get a baby that sleeps or if I’ll be up every hour in the night.

“That’s the beauty of being my own boss. I’ll reply when I can in between being a mum…

“Friends who have shared their pregnancies on OnlyFans have given me tips about how to attract more followers and make more money.

“Apparently your page becomes all about the pregnancy for a while and that’s okay with me, it’s a huge thing in my life."

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