Model exposes fake agents who offered her TV stint in return for sex tape

A glamour model has offered her words of advice to other ladies looking to get into the industry.

Abi McCabe said her road to success hasn’t been easy.

Along the way, she says she’s had to deal with scammers.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, the 23-year-old says she was blackmailed by a man pretending to work for Playboy.

He threatened to sue her for millions if she didn’t send him nudes.

But thankfully, Abi found out the threats were all a scam.

Abi said: “Someone pretending to be an agency called contacted me asked me if I model.

“I said yes so they passed me onto a fake Playboy contact, which I believed was actually them at the time.

“They were asking me to send nudes and I did a verbal contract with them. They said I could be sued up to five million dollars if I told anyone about them and what they were making me do…

“They were threatening to sue me and get debt collectors to come to my house.

“I was really panicking and hysterical at this point and called my agent stressing about the situation.”

As Abi fretted over the fake contract, the scammers asked her to send them £1,000 so they would leave her alone.

She said: “They said we will clear all charges if you send us a grand, which I still didn’t as I don’t have that kind of money.

“So my agent contacted the real people who work with Playboy and I quickly learned that they were fake and the real Playboy enterprises had never heard of them.”

While this scam may seem like a rare one, it’s not the first time that fake agents have tried to pull the wool over Abi’s eyes.

She says a businessman reached out and pretended to have power to decide on Love Island casting.

They offered Abi a stint on the ITV2 show in return for a sex tape, which isn’t something legitimate agents would ever do.

Abi said: “I was also passed onto a businessman.

“He promised me he could have me on Love Island and have me working with huge fashion brands. But at a price.

“Again with a similar method of a verbal contract – and not to tell anyone – he wanted me to make a sex tape, send him thousands of pounds and send him nudes.

“Again I thought this was strange and asked myself why would a huge businessman request this? He just wouldn’t.

“So I later learned that it was another guy pretending to be the real deal.”

Abi thankfully didn’t send money or nudes to the scammer.

She says it would have been “awful” to get stuck in the blackmail situation – and hopes sharing her story will help other women who are looking to get into modelling.

The glamour girl added: “I would advise young women who are wanting to get into modelling to look out for things – like have people who you know worked with them, do they have mutual friends, are they highly recommended by others, do they have good reviews?

“If it’s on Instagram do they have a huge following platform because of their work?

“And I would also advise girls to get a really good, top agent who can help them work with the right sort of people.”

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