Men grabbed my bum while I was busking – but I caught grim moment on camera

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    A busker says she was sexually assaulted in broad daylight when two men suddenly grabbed her bum – before telling her it was “just a joke”.

    Holly Marie, 25, was singing in her hometown of Blackpool when the older strangers approached from behind and groped her.

    One of the alleged offenders even tried to offer 50p as an apology – and the performer has since shared the outrageous clip on TikTok which has been watched millions of times.

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    Holly, who wrote “women aren’t safe anywhere” on her viral video, has now spoken exclusively to the Daily Star about the ugly incident that happened in the centre of the seaside town.

    She is now too anxious to go busking on her own and recalling what happened, she said: “It was during the week and I decided to go and meet my friend who was already busking.

    “I was just filling in for her, she went to the shop to get coffee. It was my second song and I suddenly turned around and felt someone touch my bum and I was just stunned… I couldn’t believe it and I was in a state of shock.

    “On the video you can see me laugh a bit because I am just like what the heck has happened? It was just a massive shock.

    "I felt disgusting and I didn’t expect that to ever happen, definitely not in broad daylight when I am trying to sing, make money and do my job.

    “They came up behind me to grab my bum and there were security guards down the road and so I spoke in the microphone and said 'these two guys just pinched my bum' and that is when they stopped them.

    “They made the two guys come back to me and apologise and at which point they tried to come and touch me and give me a hug and you can see on the video I am like ‘please don’t touch me’ and I back away.

    “They were just like ‘it’s just a joke’ but I said it was sexual assault and how is sexual assault a joke? You just don’t come up to a person, anyone, and just touch their bum.

    “It is so inappropriate and disrespectful and I couldn't believe it happened. I just can’t believe they thought it was ok to come up and touch me, it is so so bad.

    “I just couldn’t carry on singing, we had to pick up and leave. I felt so violated and I didn’t want to be there any more.”

    Holly, who grew up singing in the church, didn’t make any money that day and had to pack up all her equipment to return home empty handed.

    She has been singing for her whole life and on the weekends she performs in restaurants and at weddings.

    The strong-willed character described feeling better days after the assault and even said she was glad it happened to her and not someone else.

    And explaining why she shared the footage on TikTok rather than go to the police, she said: “I have heard people before reporting it and nothing gets done so I just thought this would at least raise awareness and the video is on 2.4million views.

    “I decided to post to make people aware that this is what happens to women on a daily basis, it happens to men as well, all genders, and it is not ok to touch anyone, regardless of if it’s just their arm. It just makes me so angry and it is so inappropriate.”

    Despite a wealth of support online, Holly has been trolled by an ignorant minority. She said: “I expected it… but there has been a lot of hate comments from men saying it was ok and a joke and loads of comments saying I deserved it.

    “Obviously I expected that but it goes to show that it's like a norm in the world, people think it’s just a joke but it isn’t.”

    Holly bravely went back to busking in recent days and while she normally performs for up to seven hours, she left after an hour when one of the men who previously assaulted her strolled by. She has not returned to Blackpool since.

    She feels a bit put off of singing alone after what happened – but feels glad that she spoke out and shared the video.

    “I have had incidents before, not while I was singing, but in clubs I’ve had guys come up and touch me and think it’s ok,” she said. “That is why this time I spoke down the microphone and said it was disgusting and how dare they do that to me.

    “It has happened before where I haven’t said anything so I was like no, this is not ok.”

    And despite the traumatic experience, other musicians in the area have rallied to support Holly, something that has helped her cope through a difficult few days.

    She explained: “I have had people messaging me about putting on a music night in Blackpool, all the female musicians I am friends with, they want to put on an awareness night involving music. It’s just to make people aware of what happens and to share their experiences and stuff.”

    To follow Holly's updates on TikTok, you can do so here.

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