Man sparks furious debate after 'yelling at tour guide for being too loud' | The Sun

A MAN has sparked furious debate after losing his temper with a London tour guide for being too loud.

The outraged local, Matt, posted a controversial apology note following the incident – and it has divided opinion.

In a picture uploaded to Reddit, the fuming note read: "To the tour guide, I apologise for losing my temper with you today.

"I had to take an important call and the noise was very distracting.

"Please note that people work in the area often with stressful jobs.

"Therefore could you please be more quiet in future."

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The half-hearted apology letter garnered attention from hundreds of Reddit users and sparked a furious debate in the comment section.

Defending the tour guide, someone wrote:"To Matt, I bet your office is quieter than the street, City of London."

Another joked: "It’s nice he apologised, but it’s a bit mental to try to control the noise in the streets of London. Move to the countryside, Matt."

"Your un-apology makes you sound like a real kn*****d, but you are surely better than that," agreed a third.

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Someone else penned: "The author of this must have been a right t**t."

"Translation – Sorry I was a c**t, but it was actually your fault and I'd appreciate it if you didn't provoke me in future," said another.

But others vigorously supported Matt and slammed irritating tour guides, one penned: "He could be working from home. I used to know a guy who lived right next to where one of the ripper murders happened and used to get woken up every day by Jack the Ripper tours."

"He lost his temper and apologised, not many people would bother apologising," commented a second.

"Those London tour guides with the megaphones are annoying to be honest," agreed a third.

Another wrote: "Important call – maybe he was finding out that someone's died or is seriously ill. Pretty sure that would be stressful for most people."

This comes as other social media posts have caused controversy.

One man took to Reddit to share his surprise when he saw fellow holidaymakers pack their lunch with food that was put on the hotel buffet.

The post gained thousands of people's attention – who seemed split by the guests' actions.

Meanwhile, a woman took to the platform to share her shock after attending a wedding where a “close friend” of the bride donned a floor-length sparkly silver gown and white fur shawl.

The Reddit user shared two snaps of the friend that were taken during the wedding as she revealed the bride’s reaction to the scandalous outfit.

And, another woman shared a photo of the angry note she found stuck to the door to their block of flats – but the complaint has sparked a debate.


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