Man praised for defending woman being attacked only to find out theyre filming

A man was praised for being a "legend" when he stepped into save a "damsel in distress" – only to find out she was in a filming set.

The video posted on TikTok shows a filming scene where a man is threatening a woman and pinning her against a wall.

A videographer and an assistant can also be seen recording the act in motions.

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"Oi! Oi! Calm down!" A man yells when a trio of passersby come into frame, but his mate notices the camera and mic boo, whispering: "They were filming!"

Aiste, who is recording the hilarious moment, quickly clarifies to them, saying "it's a film".

A few seconds later, the man looks around and finally realises he is walking into the filming set and interrupting the scene.

The group and the filming crew burst into laughter while some staff applaud the man for his heroic move, saying: "Oh man!"

"As we were shooting this intense scene, a guy passing by thought it was real. What a legend," Aiste wrote.

Viewers saw the light side of it and said the man had good intention.

One commented: "You know what? Total respect for that guy, he's seen a situation and done something."

"I love that he didn't notice the crew because he saw someone who he thought needed help first," a second wrote and a third added: "We need more men like him, mama brought you up well!"

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Others were curious how the man had not spotted the filming equipment at first.

A viewer explained: "It's actually very common that civilians react on the scene and don't see the equipment, specially with low-budget filmmaking.

"If the filming location is not blocked, it's very easy for pedestrians to misunderstand a situation and call the cops.

"People are not rational beings, we work on instinct, not on logic."


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