Luxury flying car uses Blade Runner scifi tech – but doesnt have a cup holder

Over the last few years, we've seen countless concept designs for flying cars and even a few real-world trials.

Many of these Jetsons-style vehicles promise to redefine the future of transport using a combination of AI and eVTOL (vertical take off and landing) technology, but almost none have made it to the streets so far.

That hasn't stopped ambitious designers from cooking up hairbrained high-end schemes to get us off the roads and into the sky, as one new concept from design company Pantuo demonstrates.

The self-flying Pantala Concept H electric VTOL looks like something straight out of Blade Runner, with a dome-shaped glass windscreen and four tilted wings.

It promises to ferry up to five passengers through the air at 186mph without needing a runway or even a pilot, instead using AI and hover tech to land vertically in streets or on buildings.

The whole thing is powered by 22 electric motors which will run almost silently, and the cockpit includes a flat panel TV and tablet.

The only problem is that the vehicle is missing some of the mod cons that traditional cars have had for years.

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The pictures don't display a cup holder or even a cigarette lighter, so it might be vapes and water bottles for the whole trip.

Pantuo is aiming to get flying taxi certifications by 2027 and aims to start testing a prototype later this year.

The United States space agency NASA has already begun testing flying taxis. NASA says its mission is to create a 'new mode of transportation' that can get passengers and cargo from A to B using the skies – and take the pressure off of gridlocked roads.

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