Loote Sends A Message To The One That Waited ‘Too Late’ On Love With New Song, ‘Somebody Else’

Don’t wait on love, or you might find it’s a ‘too late.’ Loote captures the sting of missing out on something good with their new electro-pop bop, ‘Somebody Else.’

There’s nothing worse than rejection. Scratch that – there’s nothing worse than being rejected, only to have the one you want suddenly slide in your DMs right after you’re seeing someone new. These complicated feelings of heartbreak and betrayal, of the agony of “you wanting me now that I don’t want you,” is perfectly captured in “Somebody Else,” the new song by Loote. The pop duo, consisting of celebrated singer/songwriters Jackson Foote and Emma Lov, distill this unique experience down to a single phrase: “You didn’t want me until I wanted somebody else.” Sublime in its simplicity, Jackson’s vocals deliver this knockout line on this knockout track.

“‘Somebody Else’ is really about the one who got away,” Jackson tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s about the one you know you had something with, but they didn’t recognize it until it was too late.” As the song proves, fans shouldn’t sleep on Loote before it’s too late. “Somebody Else” is a showcase of songwriting expertise, an enchanting electro-track that is one part heartache, one part empowerment, and all bop.

Loote’s career began in the most unlikely of places. “When I first started writing songs, the first songs I wrote were for commercials, toy commercials specifically. I sang on a bunch of FurReal Friends and Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony commercials,” Emma told Odyssey in 2017. The two met at SUNY Purchase (“I was a freshman, and Jackson was a Junior,” said Emma) during a songwriting class. “.” It was our first assignment,” she added, “and our professor, who is one of the guys who discovered and developed Rihanna and actually ended up becoming our publisher, had just randomly assigned people together in the class. We found we had great chemistry and kept working together afterward, and eventually, we signed to Universal Music Publishing through that same professor.”

Since that songwriting class and signing with Universal, the duo has collaborated with acts like Demi Lovato and Cheat Codes, Joe Jonas, Gnash, David Guetta, and Shawn Mendes. Their first EP, single. was released in 2018, and racked up nearly 150 million cumulative streams in under a year. They followed that up with the lost EP in 2019. With momentum on their side – their last two singles have racked up 8 million streams, collectively – 2020 seems to be a breakout year for this team. Fans won’t have to wait long for new music from Loote. Their new ep, Heart Eyes, is set to drop on April 24.

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