Life on Mars: ‘Ancient bottle’ in NASA pics stuns UFO hunter – ‘How could NASA ignore it?’

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has been exploring the surface of Mars since 2012, providing UFO hunters with thousands of pictures to trawl through. UFO hunter Scott Waring is one of the many people who believe the photos hold clues and evidence the Red Planet was once populated by aliens.

In his latest discovery, Mr Waring claims to have discovered an “ancient bottle” partially buried in the planet’s rusty soil.

Mr Waring said: “Looking through the gigapan Mars photos, I found something that closely resembles an ancient clay bottle.

“It’s very similar to this 2,000-year-old Roman bottle which I include into the photo for you to compare.

“Again I am showing you a NASA Mars photo which has been altered by NASA into a False Color… which makes the surface look red and brown.


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“But in reality, Mars’ surface looks more similar to a desert on Earth.”

Mr Waring went on to accuse NASA of doctoring its images to obscure the supposed fact Mars is hospitable.

He said: “This way, there is no other country racing to Mars and NASA will have no competition… which gives them a lot of time to get there.”

But the Red Planet is very much the opposite of being hospitable, with no vegetation, a paper-thin atmosphere and planet-sized dust storms.

There are also many reasons why the US space agency alters the colours of its rover photos, none of which have to do with aliens.

Sometimes NASA will share pictures of the Martian landscape with certain features dyed blue.

It’s very similar to this 2,000-year-old Roman bottle

Scott Waring, UFO expert

NASA said: “Researchers use false-colour composites like this to enhance otherwise subtle human-vision colour differences and potentially learn more about the composition and mineralogy of rocks and soils on Mars.”

Harsh blue colours against the dull brown Martian soils can help certain features stand out more.

If you were to stand on the surface of Mars, you would most likely see a salmon pink sky.

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NASA’s scientists said the colour is caused by dust particles in the atmosphere.

But what about the supposed alien bottle Mr Waring found?

It is most likely a case of pareidolia, a mind trick that has confused UFO hunters for decades.

Pareidolia is a peculiar effect which causes the brain to see shapes and patterns, such as faces, where they do not exist.

NASA said: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

“There are many examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space.”

Some people were, however, convinced by the supposed discovery.

One person said on YouTube: “Amazing. Great find Scott.”

Another alien enthusiast said: “I thought it kind of looked like a chalice. Nice find.”

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