Le Creuset Is Having a Huge Sale & Dutch Ovens Are Majorly Discounted

For a lot of us, a Le Creuset is something we can only dream of owning. They’re gorgeous, astonishingly well made, one of Ina Garten’s favorite brands and will literally last you a lifetime but of course, you’re going to pay for all of that beautiful quality. Le Creuset cookware is notoriously expensive and buying a piece is a big deal. The Dutch oven is probably their most famous piece of cookware because of its versatility, but those Dutch ovens can easily cost upwards of $400. Unless, of course, Le Creuset decided to have a major sale on their most popular items.

Well, that sale is here. For the first time ever, Le Cresuet is offering 20% almost every single Dutch oven as well as tons of their other signature products. That means that you can snag a Dutch oven for as little as $124! The sale covers all of Le Creuset’s best sellers and includes items like their signature saucepan, roaster and even their famous whistling tea kettle. Ahead are our top picks from Le Creuset’s massive best seller sale.

Dutch Oven

A classic piece of cookware that can be used in a thousand different ways. Every kitchen needs one!


This is perfect for casseroles, lasagna and dessert bars!

Sauce Pan

It may be a sauce pan but it can easily be used for small batches of soup too.

Whistling Kettle

This makes the perfect housewarming gift.

5-Piece Signature Set

If you want to go all out and get the best deal, this signature set includes the sauce pan, a Dutch oven and a skillet.

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