KISS Gene Simmons Dont come to shows if youre not vaccinated & think the Earth is flat

The two founding members of KISS have been on a media blitz over the past few weeks. Simmons and Paul Stanley have given major new interviews promoting the band’s farewell world tour, which kicks of on August 18 in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Before that, they will play at the Festival de Nîmes in France on July 6. As well as the usual bombast about his and the band’s extraordinary achievements, Simmons also had a stark warning for fans that they would not be admitted to shows if they were not vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Simmons started off talking about the bands incredible legacy.

He said: “We were four knuckleheads off the streets of New York who weren’t qualified to do anything. We created what is arguably the most recognised four faces on Planet Earth.

“You may not be able to tell us who is on Mount Rushmore. Some people have said Elvis. Nope. You may not be able to tell us who the king and queen of Sweden is but everyone in Sweden knows who KISS is.”

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Talking about continuing with the tour, Stanley recently said: “It’s an amazing way to raise the bar and make our fans proud. I don’t care whether it’s your hundredth KISS Concert or your first. The fact that you are there, we want to dazzle you and show gratitude.”

Simmons previously added: “We’re going back out on tour. The pandemic is almost over. Stay safe, get vaccinated, come to the shows. You’ll see the finest show on the face of the planet that allows human beings to have – that’s us.”

But in the new interview, he had a much more stark warning for fans who don’t want to get vaccinated.

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Simmons was speaking to local ABC news channel WPVI in Philadelphia.

He said: “We’re looking to going back out on tour now that the world is getting out of the pandemic.

“By the way, vaccinate yourselves so you can come see us and fly on airlines.

“I don’t care what you believe, you ain’t getting into the shows if you’re not safe. You’re not going to risk somebody else’s life because you think the Earth is flat.

“I don’t care what you believe, I want everybody to be safe.”


This echoes the recent statements from other high-profile bands who are looking to return to concerts. 

Earlier this month the Foo Fighters faced a vocal fan backlash after they announced a show at New York’s Madison Square Gardens for June 20.

The band said the show would be mask-free but all attendees over the age of 16 had to show proof of having had both vaccinations.


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