Key worker stunned to find 'used' face mask in coat she ordered from ASOS

Jessica Sadler, 24, was trying on a puffa jacket she’d bought from ASOS when she felt something in the pocket.

When she put her hand inside, she discovered a face mask that she claims had ‘obviously been used’ as the top wire had been bent to fit around someone’s nose.

When ‘shocked’ Jessica looked up the issue, she discovered other people claiming to have had the ‘exact same’ experience – although ASOS says this is ‘something that doesn’t happen often’.

Jessica, a supermarket checkout assistant from Bedlington, Northumberland, said: ‘I tried it on to make sure it fit and when I put my hand in the pocket of the coat I felt something and pulled out the mask.

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‘You could tell straight away that the mask had been used as the nose part was bent into place.

‘I was initially just in shock – I was thinking, has it been sent purposely?

‘The coat was in a sealed bag within the parcel when it was delivered, so it wasn’t like it could have been tampered with during delivery.

‘I suspect it was a returned coat that had been worn and someone used a mask and left it in the pocket – which makes me wonder if they’re being checked and cleaned properly when they’re returned.

‘They’re obviously not being very careful or safe – I will be reporting this to Trading Standards as I feel it does hinder the health and safety of customers.’

After discovering the mask Jessica says she contacted ASOS but they didn’t respond for six days.

ASOS told Jessica that this ‘doesn’t happen often’ and that ‘protecting their customers is really important’.

Jessica said: ‘After it happened I looked on Twitter and noticed at least six or seven other people had the exact same thing happen to them.

‘It appears their online chat is still disabled and their Facebook messenger and Twitter DMs are automated before speaking to an actual person.

‘I’m a key worker in a supermarket and come into contact with members of the public when working.

‘I think now I’m just angry more than anything because I’ve had no response at all from them. [prior to Nov 3]

‘The mask is currently in the plastic bag that I received my order in as I’m still awaiting a response from ASOS.’

ASOS eventually responded to Jessica and claimed that, while it was ‘not ideal’, due to the length of time it would have been in transit, any ‘cross-contamination would have been neutralised’.

An ASOS spokesperson said: ‘All goods that are returned to ASOS go through a thorough inspection and, if necessary, cleaning and repair process before they are put back on site for sale to our customers.

‘In this instance, it’s clear that our process has failed to live up to our usual standards.

‘We’d like to apologise to Jessica for the upset this has caused and have offered her a full refund for the order.’

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