Julian Edelman recalls tense Patriots film session with Bill Belichick after 2017 practice fight

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Bill Belichick is exactly the kind of coach you would expect him to be and during a recent podcast appearance, former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman recalled one of his harshest coaching moments. 

The newly retired wideout joined former teammate Chris Long on his “Green Light” podcast Tuesday to discuss the Patriots’ unique system which included reviewing film in front of the whole team each week. 

Edelman said one of his worst sessions came in 2017 after he got into a fight at training camp with Stephon Gilmore in the cornerback’s first year on the team. 

“I got in a fight with Gilmore, and (Belichick) puts it on,” Edelman said. “And he’ll just sit and rewind it like 45 times with silence. Silence. And then when he stands up, there’s the guy where his job is to run and turn the lights on — like majestically turns it on — and then when he sits down, they turn it off.”

He continued: “So he sits and rewinds it like 45 times, and then he stands up and he goes, ‘What the f— are we doing? We can’t have this.’ He’s just going on and just wringing me like, ‘You know what, Edelman? You over here think you’re a tough guy.’ Just getting on me in front of the team. But I think low-key, he loved it.”

Edelman, who spent his entire 12-year career in New England, said he didn’t learn to appreciate Belichick’s coaching habits fully until he met players like Long who came from other organizations where it wasn’t the norm. 

“This guy, every day for 45 to 50 minutes — every day — would break down three phases of the game and he could call each phase of the game like he was a coordinator. And he’s called plays for each phase of the game.”

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