Jose Antonio Reyes was killed when tyre on his Mercedes 'exploded'

Former Arsenal star Jose Antonio Reyes was driving at 116mph when his back-left tyre exploded, causing the crash that killed him and a cousin, police report reveals

  • Jose Antonio Reyes and his cousin Jonathan were killed in a car crash last June 
  • A police report has revealed the back-left tyre on his Mercedes ‘exploded’ 
  • The former Arsenal forward was travelling at 116mph before the accident 

A police report has revealed former Arsenal superstar Jose Antonio Reyes was driving at 116 mph when his ‘back-left tyre exploded’ leading to his fatal car crash.

Former Real Madrid forward Reyes, 35, crashed on June 1, 2019 while driving in his Mercedes S 550 with two cousins.

The accident claimed his life and that of another passenger whilst leaving his other cousin covered in burns to 60 per cent of his body.

Jose Antonio Reyes was killed when the tyre on his car exploded, according to a police report 

Reyes was travelling at 116mph when the crash happened, killing him and his cousin Jonathan 

The car Reyes died in in June was pictured completely burned out when authorities got to it

According to Spanish radio network Cadena SER the ‘conclusion the Civil Guard who studied the accident have reached’ is the former winger was driving at ‘at least at 187 kph (116 mph) when his back-left wheel of his Mercedes S 550 exploded.’

The report goes on the mention the wheel that malfunctioned and led up to the accident was ‘repaired by his cousin a few days before at a garage in Merida’ in southern Spain.

News of the accident shocked football fans, however, the exact circumstances leading up to it remained unclear.

Initial reports by local media claimed the former winger was travelling at a speed of 234 kph (147 mph).

Reyes was the first Spanish footballer to lift the Premier League, doing so with Arsenal in 2004

Reyes died aged 35 and his death was met with tributes from across the world of football 

Ensuing reports later claimed Reyes was not driving at such an excessive speed but the incident was caused by a problem with his back-left wheel.

Reyes and his cousin Jonathan Reyes, 23, were killed in the crash on the A-376 motorway near the town of Alcala de Guadaira in southern Spain.

His other cousin Juan Manuel Calderon suffered serious burns after trying to save the pair from the vehicle while it was ablaze.

Jose Antonio Reyes was the first Spanish player to win the Premier League with Arsenal, where he was also immortalised as an ‘Invincible’ from their 2003-04 unbeaten season.

He was also a LaLiga champion with Real Madrid and a three-time Europa League winner with Sevilla.

He left a wife, two daughters and a son behind.

Speaking after his son’s funeral, Reyes’s father Francisco delivered a heartbreaking interview. 

Reyes’ dad Francisco, seen here at his funeral, gave an interview explaining the family struggle

Speaking to Viva la Vida on Telecinco, he said: ‘When we are alone all we do is cry. We do not even speak because if we say something to each other, it is about something that makes us cry.

‘His mother does not even go to the doorstep. We knew it would be hard, but not this hard. My wife goes from bed to the sofa and from the sofa to bed. We would like to know where to get our strength from. 

‘We cannot say things to each other because if we say or do or see something we think about how he used to say and do things.’


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