Jimmy Savile victim says he was abused by second man and is terrified of him

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    Jimmy Savile abused a boy aged nine alongside another man in the 70's.

    The disgraced presenter molested at least 72 children, some as young as eight, in a campaign of abuse that spanned six decades. Kevin Cook, 56, was sexually assaulted by Savile and an unidentified man after they finished filming an episode of Jim'll Fix It, broadcast in January 1977.

    The young boy, who appeared in an episode of the BBC show with his cub scout group, was lured into a room by Saville who promised to give him a Jim'll Fix It badge. It was in this room that Kevin was both physically and sexually assaulted by Savile and and another man, who's abuse Kevin described as "more horrifying" than Savile's.

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    Kevin said: “It scares the life out of me to think he’s still out there. His abuse was even more horrifying than Savile’s." Kevin will be one of four victims to share their story in BBC One drama The Reckoning, which is based on the life and offences committed by Savile, with Steve Coogan taking on the lead role.

    Bringing the unidentified man, who Kevin described as an "animal", to justice would enable him to finally get closure after more than four decades. Kevin, who hails from Harwich, Essex, said: "If he could be caught and brought to justice off the back of this series that would bring me closure. Savile can’t hurt me anymore as he’s dead. But this person could still be alive.

    "I’m not scared of anyone normally, but this person terrifies me. He is an animal and needs to be put down for the things he did to me. It scares the s**t out of me knowing he could still be alive and doing the same thing to his grandchildren now." Kevin believes someone must know the identity of the second man due to his distinctive look.

    The part-time customer service assistant continued: “I gave the police a description of him. He was dressed in what looked like an army or navy shirt. He had long hair on the sides and was bald on top, even though he wasn’t old at the time – he looked about 30ish."

    Kevin added: "I still have a grudge against a lot of the people who were at the BBC decades ago. Savile should’ve been stopped in the 1960s. It was going on for more than a decade before I was abused."

    After keeping his attack a secret for decades, Kevin reported his assault to the police in 2012 after hearing about another boy who had been abused. Opening up about how he told his wife, Sharon, Kevin said: "After I heard about a boy in Jersey who had been abused by Savile, I was up all night thinking about it.

    The next morning I tried to tell my wife he had abused me, but I couldn't get it out because I was so scared. Then I just blurted it out later that day.

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    "We had a cuddle, she went away and came back with the phone and said ‘the police want to talk to you'.” Describing Coogan's portrayal of the sex offender as "terrifyingly realistic," Kevin admitted watching the series back felt like Savile had "come back from the dead".

    Last year, a sex abuse victim came forward after reading Kevin's interview with a German newspaper and he shared hopes that the new series will help more victims speak out. He concluded: "Now it would bring me closure if the man who abused me with Savile was caught and finally brought to justice."

    The Reckoning airs on Monday, October 9 at 9pm on BBC One.

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