Im a mum who wears tiny outfits and smokes weed – trolls hate it

A mum has sparked a fierce debate online after sharing three controversial things she does with her children.

Influencer Caitlin Fladager, who does by the username is caitlinfladager, claims that she is often met with cruel comments online.

The mum made the admissions in a recent video to her 650,000 followers, saying: “Let’s call this part 1 of many… [laughing emoji]

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“There’s many aspects of my parenting that people have hated on over the years that I’ve been on the Internet, but this is definitely been the top three that I’ve seen. [laughing emoji].”

She included hashtags including mum life and wife life.

The text laid over the video reads: “Things I do that I get the most hate for as a mum.”

The first point she makes is claiming to “educate” her eight and 10-year-old children about why she smokes weed.

She continued: “I still dress how I want and wear crop tops and short shorts.

“I buy my kid's clothes from Walmart while I buy myself more expensive clothes.”

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Thousands of people took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video – and it created a huge divide.

One said: “Imagine glorifying drugs to your CHILDREN.

Another added: “Y’all thinking it’s not okay for her kids to know she smokes weed probably think it’s fine for kids to see/know if you drink alcohol regularly”.

“Don't do drugs if you got kids, it's honestly that simple,” stated a third.

A fourth added: “When you make smoking your whole personality lol”.

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But some agreed with one or all of the points she made.

One person said: “Kids grow out of stuff way faster, so it makes sense why you'd wanna get cheaper clothing”.

“There is literally nothing wrong with any of what she said” agreed another.

A third commented: “Let’s normalize the era of minding your business. Go head ma’am keep doing how you do”.

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