‘I can’t relax enough to have sex with my partner’

I can’t relax enough to have sex right now.

My boyfriend has asthma and I’m worried he’ll over-exert himself and get ill. He insists he’s fine. If anything he feels neglected.

He is so precious to me that I’d never forgive myself if he suffered in any way.

Lots of my friends are having sex all day long. They say there’s nothing else to do. I’m jealous that they are feeling so relaxed, but I’m permanently on edge.

My best mate fully expects to be pregnant by Christmas and she’s predicting a massive baby boom.

How come everyone else is so laid-back except me?

JANE SAYS: I don’t think anyone is genuinely laid-back at this time.

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It’s just that your friends are taking a different approach.

Follow your instincts. If you feel that sex with your boyfriend isn’t appropriate, then show your love in other ways. Offer kind gestures, words and promises.

Reassure him that these are extreme circumstances but you hope – just like the rest of us – for normal service to resume soon.

He needs to understand that he is just as loved as ever, but you’re putting his health at the heart of everything you do right now.

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