'I am completely blown away': This serum is giving thick lashes and growing brows, according to shoppers

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This Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum has caused a bit of a sensation with customers, who are now fluttering their luscious lashes all lover the place.

Currently, mascara feels like as much of a necessity for us as food and water. Mainly because without it, our eyes look as tiny as mole squinting.

Plus, in a world of people blessed with long, full and curly lashes, the beauty gods appear to have had a day off when they made ours. Hence our short, sparse and straight pathetic excuses for lashes.

But this serum is giving thrilled users lashes that flutter and brows that undo all the wrongs of early noughties over-tweezing, according to reviews.

It works by strengthening and nourishing the hair follicles, which creates longer and fuller brows and lashes.

Not only that, but this clever little serum supports more efficient hair follicle functioning, which means less shedding and faster growth. Sign us up.

The multi-use serum from celeb-loved brand Augustinus Bader was tried and tested on a lucky batch of individuals, with 96% saying their lashes looked and felt healthier, 96% saying their lashes and brows felt fuller and 100% saying they saw results in as little as four weeks.

In other words, this serum be doing the most. And then some.

The customers reviews for the product are also as banging as a Ricky Martin 90s hit.

One happy customer said: ‘I am very pleasantly surprised by the fast results on both eyebrows and eyelashes…..soon I think mascara will be an option rather than a necessity! Wow!’

And another added: ‘I am completely blown away with the number of new hairs. I went to have my brows tinted again today and my eyebrow stylist nearly fell off her chair. She was so impressed she ordered it immediately for herself.’

‘I like what I’m seeing,’ another mused. ‘My eyelashes have always been pretty nice but I can see they have grown more. My eyebrows have gotten a little thicker and darker.’

You can buy the Eyebrows and Lash Enhancing Serum on its own or really treat yo self and buy it as part of The Supreme Collection. It will set you back £1,200 but with a bundle of goodies, including their Rich Cream, The Body Cream and the incredible Face Oil, your hydrated glowing complexion won’t even care.

Dry ashy skin? Never heard of her.

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