Husband accidentally sends naked picture of wife to family after she gave birth

A mortified husband accidentally sent a picture of his other half naked to his entire family after she gave birth.

Samantha Barlow had an episiotomy and had to be stitched up after she had given birth to their second child. During the process, she handed the baby boy to his father – but it proved quite a big mistake.

The doting dad decided that would be the perfect moment to snap a picture of the newborn to tell his family about the new arrival.

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He had taken a life photo with his iPhone meaning that when someone held down on the image it became a video. This clip accidentally showed his wife naked at the end.

In a TikTok video, which has now gained more than 189,000 likes, @samanthabarlow863 explained: "So, I handed my baby over to daddy, who lovingly took a picture and sent it to his mom.

“Super cute, right? Super proud of his little boy. Then his mother proceeded to send it to the entire family, which was fine, it’s a super cute baby.

"The only problem was that the photo was live ­– meaning it plays a mini video if you press and hold it on an Apple device – and it revealed something pretty shocking at the end.

“Right at the last second, my husband tilted the phone up to show me, laying butt naked, spread-eagle, getting stitched up on a bed.

“That picture got sent to all of my brother-in-laws [sic], my father-in-law, and my sister-in-law, who opened it in her high school science class and realized it was a live picture.

“At any point, any of them could have pushed that live photo because it was a photo of a baby and seen me butt-naked.”

TikTok viewers found the error hilarious and were left cringing over the error and other mums even came forward saying they had a similar experience.

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One user wrote: "I would never go to family events ever again."

Another added: "Making me look back at my hospital pictures after I gave birth to check if any were live pictures."

A third said: "Similar thing happened to me only it got posted on FB and some rando pointed it out!!"

A fourth commented: "And this is why I had a STRICT rule that not one photo got shared until I SAW THEM ALL."


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