Human 'Ken' doll spent $14,000 on plastic surgery in just one year

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Jimmy Featherstone has already spent thousands on plastic surgery, but he has no plans to slow down. 

The 22-year-old from Hull, U.K., has paid $14,150 to get lip fillers, cheek fillers, botox and veneers done in the last year. Next, he plans on getting a nose job. 

“This is only the beginning,” Featherstone told SWNS. 

His ultimate goal? To look like a real-life version of a Ken doll, Barbie’s male counterpart. 

“I just think he’s plastic fantastic and looks amazing,” Featherstone said.

Jimmy Featherstone has spent  $14,150 on plastic surgery in just one year — and he plans to get more.

“I have always been someone who wants to stand out from the crowd,” he added. “And now I even want to look a bit more out there than I already do, I want to look more plastic, that’s the aesthetic I like … I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t care, I’m doing what makes me happy.”

Aside from all his procedures, Featherstone also gets his hair styled once a week and enjoys a lavish lifestyle with “flashy outfits,” shopping trips, champagne lunches and frequent helicopter rides, according to SWNS.

He even held a swanky party with a three-tier cake, fireworks and a bouquet of flowers and cash. The whole event cost $2,830, SWNS reported.

For his 22nd birthday, Featherstone threw a lavish party that had fireworks, a three-tier cake and a bouquet of flowers and cash (pictured). 

“It was very classy and absolutely fabulous,” Featherstone told the outlet. “Some people have compared it to a wedding. I just love going all out and getting people talking, what can I say?”

He added: “If there’s a party I’ll organize a limo and get makeup artists along, it’s just what I enjoy doing. I like the finer things in life.”

According to SWNS, Featherstone quit school at 16 to do office administrative work and other jobs so he could save up for his cosmetic surgeries. Currently, he works in Hull at a friend’s boutique doing promotional work.

“People might not think it, but I have worked hard to pay for what I have,” Featherstone said.


Featherstone told SWNS that he will be appearing on an upcoming reality TV show, where he hopes to find love with an older man. Featherstone recently broke up with his partner of three years who was 40 years his senior.

Featherstone said that even though he’s received plenty of criticism online for his love of plastic surgery, he’s going to keep doing what he loves.

“My ex was older than my dad so people know me for being with older men,” Featherstone said. “I’ve always been attracted to them. I don’t think anyone my age can give me the lifestyle that I want, whereas someone who is older and has made their money can.”


“I’ve always liked nice things like designer clothes and holidays so that’s what I’m trying to achieve,” he added.

Featherstone said that although he’s received plenty of criticism online for his lifestyle and his love of plastic surgery, he’s still going to keep doing what he loves.

“The way I see it, if people are talking about me then I’ve done something right,” he said. “I don’t care what people think or say. I’m doing what I enjoy.”

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