How Adele Spends Her 190 Million Dollar Fortune

The 29-year-old Hello superstar signed her first record contract with XL Recordings in 2006 and surpassed all expectations, with only three albums under her belt Adele has become one of the world’s best-selling music artists, selling over 120 million records to date. All those record sales have made her one of Britain’s wealthiest pop stars, and now she’s rolling in the dough with her 190-million-dollar fortune.

Despite her immense wealth, Adele – the working-class girl raised by a single mum in Tottenham – tries to stay as down-to-earth as possible, but while she’s keen to stay ‘normal’, Adele isn’t afraid to splash the cash – and here’s some of what she’s bought.

Adele signed with XL in 2006 when she was just 18, four months after her graduation from BRIT school, and by her own estimations, the advance she received from XL was humble, although the singer has joked that it had been a million pounds. Whatever amount it may have been, it was enough for the singer to go on a shopping spree. What does an 18-year-old spend her record contract advance on? The singer reportedly went on a shopping spree that ate up most of her advance, splurging on handbags, and, taking inspiration from her favorite film, she began renting a flat in Notting Hill, a posh district in West London.

The singer has come a long way since that first advance, rumor has it she signed a record-breaking $130 million contract with Sony Music in 2016, the biggest record deal ever awarded to a British artist. Affording her enough cash to buy more than just handbags.

Lavish Mansions With Pools and Helicopter Pads

These days the superstar is reported to have an expensive staff that includes a stylist, personal trainer, assistants, and a few bodyguards, according to Daily Mail. The songstress is also built up an impressive property portfolio.

The first of her many lavish properties was a £2.5 million ($3.4m) ten-bedroom Sussex mansion, named Lock House, that she purchased back in 2012 when her career began to take off after the success of her first album, 21. Lock House has pretty much everything a superstar like Adele needs including 20,000 square feet of space, five reception rooms, two studies, and a helicopter pad. The award-winning singer listed the stunning home for £7.5 million ($10.3m) but it’s now listed for £6.5 million ($8.9m).

Expanding her property portfolio, she purchased a lavish Art Deco house on the beachfront in Hove, just outside Brighton, for £2.5 million ($3.5m). But that same year Adele also had her eyes on London where she picked up a flat in Kensington for £5.65 million ($7.8m) and then purchasing the adjacent property for £5.38 million ($7.4m) to combine the two.

In 2016 the singer said hello from the other side of the pond after purchasing her first Beverly Hills home for $9.5 million. According to Variety the home features four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and features a pool and summer-house.

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The songstress didn’t rest, purchasing the neighboring property for a cool $10.65 million after splitting with her husband, Simon Konecki, so that her former spouse could still be close to their son Angelo.

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In an apparent effort to monopolize the Beverly Hills suburb, the singer recently bought a third home, next to the other two. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion, with a pool and basketball court, was purchased for $9.95 million on May 26. The property is next door to her first pad, with the potential to create a giant compound.

Luxurious Purchases and Celebrity Stylists

Of course, when you’re as rich as Adele you don’t just splurge on luxurious properties, you buy luxurious cars and develop a penchant for high-end labels.

After the singer passed her driving test in 2013, the paparazzi spotted her at the Porsche Centre in Chiswick where according to Mirror she ordered a $100,000 Porsche Cayenne 4×4. The custom-built car was described as a Christmas Present to herself which provides the mom of one safety as well as luxury.

Although Adele might have picked out her own SUV, according to The Sun she has stylist Gaelle Paul on speed dial to make sure she always has a timeless and elegant look (to match her music) for her red-carpet appearances, “Everything she wears in public has been designed specifically for her. Designers are begging to dress her.”

And dress her they do, Adele is frequently spotted in Linda Farrow sunglasses, which command a $500 price, as well as $700 Christian Louboutin heels. Adele sure hasn’t lost her taste for handbags and now regularly carries Burberry and Chanel bags, which can cost up to $4000.

A wealthy woman like Adele can also splurge on a celebrity hairstylist like Lino Carbosiero, who famously gave the singer a new look in 2014. Carbosiero has also had celebrity clients like Sharon Osbourne and David Cameron and reportedly charges over $200 for a trim.

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Adele isn’t the only one enjoying her $190 million fortune, in 2014 according to Mirror, the singer splurged a whopping £15,000 ($20.6k) playhouse for her then 18-month-old son Angelo. Apparently, the singer fell in love with the garden toys after seeing them at her friends’ homes and couldn’t resist purchasing the toy, which includes three turrets, a veranda, and its own picket fence.

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Adele told Vanity Fair. “I’m on tour simply to see everyone who’s been so supportive. I don’t care about money… I don’t come from money; it’s not that important a part of my life.” But for someone who claims to not care about wealth, she sure does surround herself with displays of it.

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