Google Maps couple’s bodies look very disturbing in loved-up beach clinch

A loved-up couple's bodies look very disturbing in a beach clinch captured on Google Maps' Street View tool.

The man and woman are shown to be sitting down upon towels on the sand while they are kissing one another.

But an illusion shows the pair appearing to share limbs as well as affection for each other.

The woman is facing the camera and is wearing sunglasses as she leans forward to kiss her lover, reports.

But the man, whose bearded face is partially obscured as he turns away from the camera, appears to have his body connected to that of his partner's.

The bloke's tattooed arm can be seen as it rests on a blue bag on the beach, but what appears to be the woman's leg looks like it is growing out of his left shoulder.

The back of his shoulder morphs perfectly into the woman's bent knee to create the illusion.

His other hand can be seen resting on his knee, but apart from a glimpse of his leg the bottom half of his body appears to have disappeared.

To add to the strange scene, there is another man standing to the right of the couple but viewers can only see his legs below the knees.

Google Maps users are often discovering strange happenings on the site.

Recently one spotted a man appearing to defecate on the street, and another appeared to pick up one man looking like he is "attacking" another with a pickaxe in a bizarre scene in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Meanwhile, another user spotted a curious picture of hands and legs with no body walking a dog.

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