'Gilmore Girls': Scott Patterson and Keiko Agena Both Would Have Liked to Take on the Same Role

Scott Patterson and Keiko Agena spent seven seasons working on Gilmore Girls together. Toward the end of the series, Agena’s character, Lane Kim, worked for Patterson’s character, Luke Danes. The former costars have more in common than you think, though. Both Agena and Patterson revealed that they would have happily switched places with Sean Gunn while filming Gilmore Girls

Keiko Agena and Scott Patterson both agree that they would love to portray Kirk Gleason 

Kirk Gleason, portrayed by Gunn, was a surprise fan favorite on Gilmore Girls. The quirky character wasn’t just beloved by fans. Other cast members loved the role, too. Both Agena and Patterson suggested they’d have happily swapped roles with Gunn if given the option. 

In a 2016 AMA, Agena revealed that she had a bit of a love affair with the character of Kirk. She admitted that she adored his storylines and enjoyed working specifically with Gunn. If she weren’t portraying Lane, she would have loved to be Kirk. While the two characters are vastly different, they were both rebels in their own rights. 

More recently, Patterson admitted that he would have liked to play Kirk if he hadn’t landed the part of Luke, too. Patterson made the admission on his podcast, I Am All In. Gunn appeared on I Am All In several weeks back to discuss his time on Gilmore Girls

What makes Kirk Gleason such a compelling character on Gilmore Girls?

Agena and Patterson both love the idea of playing Kirk, and they have their reasons. Gunn spent seven seasons playing the eccentric Stars Hollow resident, but his part was not initially supposed to be major. He quickly became a fan favorite. Still, it’s hard to pinpoint what makes him so appealing. 

Some fans argue that the mystery of Kirk’s origins is part of his appeal. No one is entirely sure where he came from, how old he is, or if he grew up in Stars Hollow. Other viewers found his quirkiness and socially awkward moments to be comforting. In the end, Kirk was the perfect kind of weird. He was harmless, good-natured, and vulnerable in a way. Those qualities allowed fans to connect with him. 

Scott Patterson and Keiko Agena are both interested in returning for a second revival season 

Agena and Patterson will never get the chance to play Kirk, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in returning to Stars Hollow. Both cast members have said that Amy Sherman-Palladino could persuade them to reprise their roles one more time. Agena has stated that she’d like to return, and Patterson said he is optimistic about the chances of a second season. 

Agena has been clear about her desire to see a bit of a redemption story for Lane. When fans last left her, Lane was still married to Zach and still stuck in Stars Hollow. Fans and Agena want to see more for Lane. In fact, most fans would be thrilled to see the mother of twins break out of her tiny Connecticut hamlet and chase down her rock stardom dreams in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 2

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