Galactic Shootouts, Skeletal Seduction: What's Going On In Rita Ora's 'How To Be Lonely' Video?

Once you recover from the mindfuck that is Rita Ora’s new video for “How to Be Lonely,” you’ll have a lot of questions, with these three probably being the most important to get answered. First, what did I just watch? Second, how did they film that scene with the eggs? And, lastly, did she really fall in love with a skeleton!?

Who knows if they’ll ever get answered. But Ora’s visual for the song that she released earlier this month is ridiculously wild, inventive, and hair-raising at times. If you’re not scratching your head after watching it, we must not have seen the same thing.

‘How to Be Lonely” finds Ora pondering what it feels like to have no one in her corner. She’s in a relationship, walking on eggshells because her current situation isn’t making her too happy. So in the video when we see her, literally, tip-toeing across hundred of eggs, it’s an awesome nod to the song itself that makes you think that the entire video will follow its stirring lyrics.

But that changes quickly.

There’s so much going on in here that it’s nearly impossible to explain. Ora finds herself alone in a sea of kissing couples, nervously looking around for her partner. Pretty normal scene right? Welp, there’s another one soon after involving Ora getting cozy with a grizzly bear, then, another where the singer gets close and comfy with a skeleton. Yeah.

These are far from some of the weirdest scenes here. An explosion sends Ora flying through the sky during one clip, followed by one where she bathes in liquid gold. After banging a wall with a bat while dressed as a ghost, she invades a planet and gets into a galactic shootout with its inhabitants.

It’s truly the freakiest video you’ll see in 2020 by far. But that’s what makes it so awesome. You literally never know what is going to be coming next as it cycles between its scenes. Director Dave Meyers explained the meaning behind the visual’s wild clips in a statement obtained by Rolling Stone. “This video explores, abstractly, the emotions one feels when going through a breakup,” he said. “It’s anger, longing, comfort, retreat, falling and, of course, loneliness. Ultimately suggesting that this is a necessary healing process that leads to the reawakening of one’s true self.”

“How to Be Lonely” is widely believed to be the first single from Ora’s yet-to-be-announced third album. Her last LP was 2018’s Phoenix. 

Watch Ora’s wild ride of a video for “How to Be Lonely” up above.

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