FRIDGE's NFT Is, Quite Literally, 'Not F*cking There'

New York-based artist FRIDGE is the latest to get in on the NFT art craze — only his piece is Not F*cking There, literally. Acting as a critique of the booming NFT sphere, FRIDGE invites us to see the art as whatever we want it to be.

Not F*cking There is comprised of, quite simply, nothing. It’s more about the moment itself, as the art piece is formed of owning the intangible piece but also the happening of the billboard you see above. This billboard features a QR code on it that allows the audience to experience the art through their phones or place a bid on the experience through Rarible and OpenSea marketplace.

Essentially, FRIDGE allows us to bid on owning this moment in art history and time. Speaking on the piece, FRIDGE says, “I’m fascinated by the amount of attention NFTs are receiving at the moment, especially artworks selling for top dollar amounts and how auction houses and galleries have quickly adapted to this hype. I want to take this moment to create my own happening and not only cement a transparent PNG file into the digital revolution but also offer my conceptual piece of art to one’s collection. I want to bring awareness of NFTs to the public and contribute to the movement. The billboard is my way to inspire someone that if you stop doing nothing, you can achieve anything, even if you’re selling nothing.”

Those wanting to bid on the NFT can head over to the dedicated website, or you can scan the QR code that’s situated at 281 Lafayette Street for the month of April. This is the first NFT by the artist and is one that breaches into the public space, and it is set to be followed by an NFT collection coming later this week.

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