Foodies share roast potato cooking hacks that give spuds extra crunch

A home cook’s roast potato recipe has gone viral after she posted a snap of the extra-crunchy spuds on Reddit.

And, plenty of fellow foodies offered their top advice for ensuring roast potatoes are golden and fluffy every single time.

Posting a snap in the Reddit forum r/Food, the cook simply said: “Roast potatoes.”

Someone in the comments added: “I boil them a bit, then bounce them around a colander and sprinkle a little flour on them, oil and in the oven.”

The classic recipe – we are drooling!

But, the original poster claimed that they missed out on one of the ingredients, and wrote: “Same except for the flour because my significant other is gluten intolerant.”

They also said they didn’t heat up the oil in the oven before adding their spuds.

She replied to a question asking if she used cold oil, and said: “It has worked for me but you do risk getting spuds stuck to your tray with cold oil.

“It depends on how much you use also.

“I just don't like the risk of splashing hot oil on myself. But yes, the answer is yes.”

But other foodies adding their two pennies with recommendations for the perfect potato.

One commented: “Boil them in water with a bit of baking soda!”

“Even better, use corn flour,” added another.

While a third noted: “Rigorously rinse before boiling.

“Like, 15 minutes under a running tap, to remove as much starch from the outside as possible.

“Then boil for 20-25 minutes in salted water with some baking soda.

“Dry properly. Oil and oven.”

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A cook said: “You should omit the flour and instead use goose fat, diet permitting.

“Making sure they're dry and the outer layer is fluffed up, there's really no need to flour them when you use a floury potato like Maris Pipers or King Edwards.

“Waxy ones aren't great as they don't fluff up nearly as well, but some people still choose and recommend desirees (not me).

“Fresh rosemary and dozens of crushed unpeeled cloves of garlic, too.”

“Always heat it up, try a butter/oil combo,” suggested another. “The oil stops the butter from burning.”

And a fan commented: “My partners roast potatoes look just like this!

“He boils them, pan fries in butter and then finishes in the oven.

“Crispy outside, pillowy inside…all delicious!”

What's your favourite roast potato recipe? Tell us in the comments below…

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