Flying car lifts off for first time in Dubai and it doesnt even need a pilot

They've been the stuff of science fiction for decades. But it looks like flying cars are finally here.

One of the most advanced flying cars created has taken its first maiden voyage outside of China.

The XPENG X2 took to the skies at an event in Dubai, where spectators were treated to an airshow featuring the two-seater flying car.

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The X2 is a VTOL, meaning it uses drone-style turbines to take off and land vertically. But what makes it stand out is its two driving modes: manual and autonomous, which can be used to ferry passengers to their destination from landing to take-off at the touch of a button.

The X2 is designed to provide low-altitude flights between destinations within cities as an alternative to road vehicles.

XPENG wants to use the vehicle for sightseeing and medical transportation, which means you could order an ambulance from the air one day using an app.

The X2 can drive on regular roads like an electric car, with its rotors unfolding to provide the flying functions. That means you could simply take off and soar above the traffic if the roads get too busy.

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The X2's debut in Dubai marks an intensification of a race among Gulf states to make flying cars a reality.

In neighbouring Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is spearheading a 'vanity project' featuring flying cars in the form of the £830bn sci-fi megacity called Neom.

The city is set to feature flying cars, a ski resort, and a legion of robots to serve residents. However, it has been fiercely criticised by human rights and environmental campaigners.

This week, it was revealed that Saudi Arabia has reportedly handed the death penalty to three men who campaigned against being evicted from the future site of Neom.


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