Fans discover Mrs Hinch’s favourite Flash mop on sale for just 50p at Sainsbury’s

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Mrs Hinch is known for recommending incredible and easy-to-use cleaning items and her hacks are known to save you money and time.

And the cleaning sensation, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, is known for her love of her Flash mop to clean all over the house.

The speed mop will clean surfaces quickly and easily and is hygienic in these worrying times amid the pandemic.

Simply add on the wet mopping cloths and go to town cleaning your floors.

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To add to the excitement, one Mrs Hinch fan has revealed that she picked up the mops for just 50p each, despite them usually being £15.

Taking to the Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK Facebook group, the user couldn’t believe the incredible deal.

She wrote: “50p each, found at Sainsbury’s Salisbury store.”

While the mops aren’t on sale online, the refills are £6 for a box of 24. So it looks like you can only bag the mop bargain in store.

Mrs Hinch previously shared a clever cleaning hack to use the mop, showing off how much dirt they collect.

"So, I'm currently sat on the kitchen floor guys, I've bought both of my Flash mops in. I just wanted to talk through this mop today, the Speed mop and why I use it," she explained.

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"So, this one, personally I find so quick, so easy and the best for those daily cleans."

"I've got to pop this on the bottom, give myself 15-20 minutes and see what I can collect. I'll show you that my floors are not spotless and see what I can find,” she added before showing off the results of her clean kitchen.

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