Famous NFL player's 'dealbreakers' resurface amid very public night out with Grammy winner


Taylor Swift, are you listening? An interview Travis Kelce conducted seven years ago to promote his “Catching Kelce” reality show has resurfaced, and it sheds a lot of light on his dating “dealbreakers.”

Back in 2016, then-“The Real Housewives of New York City” star Ramona Singer grilled the professional football player — asking him a series of provocative questions — while they were both guests on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Click though for Travis’s thoughts on body enhancements, physical intimacy and more…

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During a 2016 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Travis Kelce shared his thoughts on women “won’t sleep with you after the third date.”

“The third date? I feel like that’s the breaker right there. Three dates, that’s like a while… I don’t wanna say a dealbreaker, but it puts some questions in the air,” he said.

Ramona quipped, What did your mother teach you?!”

Travis replied, “I’m a very, very classy gentleman. Those first two dates are top-of-the-line dates. Then that third one’s kinda like a relaxed…”


Travis Kelce said it’s not a dealbreaker if a woman has augmented breasts. 

“I don’t think so,” the Kansas City Chiefs player said. “As long as she’s comfortable and very confident in what she looks like and how she looks, I’m all for it.”

However, he said it’s a “definite” deal breaker if a girl is “obsessed” with taking selfies.


During the interview, Travis Kelce shared his thoughts on whether or not it’s a “dealbreaker” if a woman doesn’t give oral sex. 

“Ah… sounds like a dear old dealbreaker to me,” he said uncomfortably.

In a second resurfaced interview — this one with AfterBuzz TV — Travis was asked to play “kiss, kill or marry” with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande as his choices. He chose to kill Ariana, marry Katy and kiss Taylor.

It seems like he’s getting closer to making at least one option a reality…


Just last week, as rumors of a potential Taylor Swift romance swirled, Travis Kelce spoke to Kristin Cavallari about his biggest turnoffs, indicating he wants no part of “high maintenance” women or women who aren’t “grounded.”

“I’m out the door. I’ve never been a part of that,” he said. “If you’re arrogant or you think you’re snooty or higher or above people, that’s the biggest turnoff for me.”

Still, he was confident “the stars will align” when it comes to finding “the one.”

“I like to believe that all that stuff will come genuine and natural, and I won’t have to think about getting into that part of my life ahead of time,” he said. “That’s what I’m banking on.”

The tight end then admitted that he compares all women to his mother, Donna Kelce. 

“My mother is an absolute angel, so I kind of base … who I look at in a significant other based off of … my mother,” he said. “You’ve got to have some sort of sweetness to you.”

Taylor, for the record, was sitting with Donna in a suite at Sunday’s Chiefs game, so it seems like Mama Kelce has given her official stamp of approval!

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