Digital Job Hunting? Transitioning Back Into The Office? Taking A Gap Year? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

It’s no secret that job hunting doesn’t look like it once did. If you’re a young person who is just beginning your foray into adulthood post-graduation from either high school or college, things can look even more confusing.

In the wake of COVID-19, those of us transitioning from one job to the next are foregoing face-to-face interactions for digital ones, while those of us getting back into the workforce during this seemingly endless quarantine period are also facing an unfamiliar set of new challenges.

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During the Girls United Virtual Summit, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Business Partner Ada Johnson shared a few surefire tips on everything from building your personal platform or brand, to navigating socially distant networking, to taking a gap year off after graduating.

The first point that she mentioned was the importance of building a personal brand when you’re looking for a job. When speaking on the needs of a brand, Johnson noted that a personal brand shoud be “consistent across all social platforms.” It also should “proceed you before you enter a room and linger around after you have left.”

Johnson also shared that it’s key to network when searching for a job, even in a predominantly remote climate. She reiterated the phrase “your net worth is based on your network,” adding that the landscape of business is still the same, though the market does look different. Emphasizing the value of social media as a useful tool for connecting with people and aligning with job opportunities, Johnson encouraged job-seekers to use it to their advantage.

“Whatever platform speaks to you, use that platform,” Johnson said. “[Y]ou have to be comfortable in those interactions.”

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